Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Choose One of the Most Popular Baby Names?

It’s time to sweep away the notion that Harry and Meghan would go with tradition after choosing an unusual name for Baby Sussex. Now named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, we have the unique moniker many thought they’d go for to declare their own independence from the royals. Even if they’ll never escape their royal designation, Archie Harrison’s name is also decidedly more British than Americans thought it would be.

Rumors had percolated about the couple maybe creating a hybrid America-British name. Instead, they picked a first name that might raise a few eyebrows in America. Nevertheless, Archie and Harrison have become more popular British names in recent years.

Take a look at what this might mean for how people view the future Mr. Mountbatten-Windsor.

Did you know the name Archie has risen in popularity over in the U.K.?

Not many would name their child Archie in America, or at least at one time. Today, Archie has dropped off considerably as a popular name here in the states. However, in Britain, it’s risen to No. 18 in popularity recently.

If you need a reason behind the dichotomy, Americans may still associate the name with a fictional bigot. Any of you old enough to remember when the classic CBS sitcom All in the Family aired here from 1971-83 will remember the lead character Archie Bunker.

While Archie was supposed to be satire, he controversially became a “lovable bigot” during the show’s run. The character’s racist flame was tamed somewhat as he grew older, yet many people probably thought of Archie Bunker when thinking of his first name.

Then again, Archie also has a positive connotation from American pop culture.

The Archie Comics have been popular for decades

Most Millennials will think of The CW series Riverdale when seeing the name Archie. The comic book series of Archie has been going since 1941, so it’s possible Harry and Meghan were thinking along those lines.

Since the Archie character from the comic books and the TV series descended from Scotland, we can assume the royal couple was looking at this character as the true cross-inspiration between America and the U.K. After all, the fictional Archie has even been known to wear a kilt as a tribute to his Scottish grandparents.

On the other end of things, Archie from Riverdale is also a typical teenager, something Harry and Meghan no doubt want their child to experience growing up in an intense media storm.

Harrison is a perfectly distinguished name

Sure, a lot of people will automatically equate the name Harrison with Harrison Ford. Let’s also remember it’s a variation on Harry’s own name. Even though we don’t see enough Harrisons in America, the name has risen to No. 32 in the U.K. Also keep in mind “Harry” is currently No. 2 there, which is essentially the same name (no doubt due to Prince Harry’s popularity).

All told, choosing Harrison was a smart compromise and one maybe some would wish was the first name of Baby Sussex over Archie. As for Harrison, social media denizens note the cleverness of the name being a variation on “Harry’s son.”

How will the name resonate in the future?

Archie Harrison
Archie Harrison | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is a mouthful to say, but it may end up being the most written about royal name in recent memory. The chances are small he’d ever become king. It may not matter since he may become one of the most popular (if also hounded) notables as he grows up as the first mixed-race royal.

We’ll see what happens if he chooses to spend more time in America rather than Britain as he likely helps change royal protocol, assuming the queen doesn’t live to 150 years old.

He may also help the name Archie rise in popularity in American names again as the royals have been known to set trends.