Revealed: Did Meghan Markle Break the Royal Rules for Her Baby Shower?

While much has been reported about Meghan Markle’s lavish New York City baby shower, it’s been unclear whether the party broke any royal rules and if it was altogether frowned upon by the Queen.

Markle’s baby shower at The Mark hotel in NYC might have been a small affair, with just a group of her closest friends, but the party was not done on the cheap. Some reports estimated that the baby shower, while privately paid for, cost upwards of $200,000.

Meghan Markle in New York City for her baby shower with friends.
Meghan Markle | Raymond Hall/GC Images

Was Prince William angry about Markle’s baby shower?

Prince William was reportedly “angered” about the baby shower, according to reports, as former royal butler Paul Burrell told The Sun: “I think William, as well as Kate Middleton, will be totally bewildered by why Meghan is doing all this, as there’s no excuse for overindulgence or excess and that’s what it seems to me.”

He noted: “I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan’s lavish extravagance this week and the fact her baby shower looked so ‘celebrity’ rather than ‘royal.’”

Some believe the Queen would be upset about the shower

While it’s unclear what, exactly, Queen Elizabeth makes of Markle’s baby shower, Good Morning Britain star Piers Morgan recently weighed in with his thoughts on the matter.

Morgan told Daily Mail TV: “I think she’s [The Queen] going to be a little bit concerned about this and I’ll say why. We don’t really have baby showers really in Britain. The concept of a very extravagant party with a load of famous people turning up to celebrate the arrival of a baby in a couple of months is not something we would do so the Queen would be like, ‘What is this?’ to start with.”

Morgan added: “Secondly, I think, the sheer scale of the opulence of all this. The key thing about the royals is to be understated. We all know that they’re royal, we all know that they’re very wealthy. But the absolutely number one rule is don’t rub the British people’s noses in your wealth.”

Meghan Markle didn’t break any royal rules

Meghan Markle didn’t break any royal protocol by having the baby shower, however, as Ingrid Seward, author of the biography My Husband & I, about the Queen and Prince Philip, told PEOPLE recently.

Seward noted that baby showers are an American tradition that she believes have been adopted in the UK over the years, but shared: “The Brits don’t have them in restaurants or hotels. Someone hosts them in a private house. New Yorkers do everything in restaurants and hotels. It’s a different culture.”

The author said of Markle’s celebration with friends: “I thought she looked so happy,” adding, “She has worked so hard, and there she was having a bit of fun. She looked so at home and so happy.”

The Queen is likely ‘delighted’ about the shower

As for the Queen’s feelings about Markle’s baby shower, Seward believes that the Queen likely wouldn’t find any issue with it. She remarked: “If anyone in the royal family criticizes, they are envious that they didn’t have that too. If she even knows about it, the Queen will think, ‘I’m delighted the girl’s enjoying herself.’ There may be a bit of in-house sniping from courtiers but not from her.”

Seward further remarked that while “Some British people might feel it is a bit flash,” it’s mostly because “we are not used to seeing them acting like celebrities. And Meghan is a celebrity.”

The author believes this kind of celebration was appropriate, remarking, “Everybody needs a break.”