Did Meghan Markle Break the Only Royal Rule Queen Elizabeth Really Cares About?

There are so many reasons as to why fans all around the world love Meghan Markle that it would take forever to explain them all. One of the main reasons as to why she is so well-loved is that the Duchess of Sussex is notorious for bending the rules.

Being a part of the royal family means adhering to a strict protocol at all times. Although Queen Elizabeth is adamant about having all of her family members portray a certain image, she tends to keep quiet over the little things. From the types of outfits that the royals are allowed to wear to the way they must hold their teacups, the list of rules is seemingly endless.

However, if someone wears a dress that is slightly too short or skips the hat for a formal event, they don’t usually have to worry about facing backlash from her majesty.

It is said that there is one rule that Queen Elizabeth takes very seriously. Did Meghan Markle recently break it?

Is Meghan adjusting to life as a royal?

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Meghan was thrust into the royal spotlight fairly quickly, much faster than Kate Middleton ever was. Although she was a well-known actress before meeting Harry, her life was much simpler than it is now.

Within a few short years, Meghan became one of the most photographed women in the entire world, going from a quiet life in Toronto to a high-profile life as a member of the royal family. She has voiced her concerns about royal life being lonely, and, according to Closer Weekly, she has described royal life as being “overwhelming.” 

Kate always seems to have a happy face

It seems that just about every time we see the Duchess of Cambridge, she is always happy and smiling. We have to assume that there are days when she feels overwhelmed, is tired, or just doesn’t feel like herself.

After all, Kate is only human. Whatever her feelings are, she never lets it show. Even in the wake of a rumored affair between her husband and her former friend, Rose Hanbury, we never saw the duchess with a sad or somber look on her face.

According to Elle, there was some tension between Kate and William as they got things sorted out between closed doors. However, the ever-poised future queen never let it affect her when she was making appearances at events or royal engagements.

What is the only rule that Queen Elizabeth really cares about?

Apparently, while the queen is willing to let the minor things go, there is one rule that she still expects all members of the royal family to follow. So, what is it?

According to HuffPost, her majesty is a firm believer in “never complain, never explain.” She is adamant in putting her best face forward at all times, never letting the world in on any personal problems that she may be having, and never speaking a negative word about anyone. Did Meghan recently break this rule?

What exactly did Meghan say?

As most royal fans know, Meghan and Harry recently attended the European premiere of The Lion King. When Meghan was exchanging pleasantries with Pharrell Williams, he reportedly told her that he “cheers on” Meghan and Harry and that their relationship is “significant.”

As BestLife can report, Meghan’s response was not exactly what the queen would have wanted her to say, as she told Pharrell that they “don’t make it easy.” She was likely referring to the harsh media criticism that she deals with on a regular basis.

While Meghan probably didn’t mean anything negative by her statement, some may see it as going against what the queen believes in. However, we are sure that Harry’s grandmother will be forgiving, and realize that it was said in passing and not meant to insult anyone.