Did Meghan Markle Cleverly Try to Address A Major Controversy Through Serena Williams?

Ever since she became a royal, Meghan Markle has been no stranger to scandal. After all, it seems that there is always something interesting going on behind palace doors, and often times, fans just can’t get enough.

Unfortunately for Duchess Meghan, she has found herself at the center of some negative attention in the time that she has been married to Prince Harry. The news media seems to criticize just about every move she makes, and no one ever keeps their opinions to themselves, even when they don’t have all of the facts straight.

Since giving birth to little Archie Harrison back in May, the Duchess of Sussex has taken some backlash about her mothering skills. Most recently, when she made an unexpected trip to New York City to see her good friend and tennis player Serena Williams play at Wimbledon, critics had a lot to say.

Supposedly, Duchess Meghan made the trip alone and tried her best to lay low during her time in the United States. But recently Williams made a comment that suggests the exact opposite and has fans wondering if Duchess Meghan just tried to address the major controversy through her friend.

Meghan Markle was mom-shamed when she made the trip to New York

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and baby Archie
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and baby Archie | Toby Melville/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

When Duchess Meghan came to New York City for her lavish baby shower, it was a pretty huge deal. Fans and photographers lined up in the snowy streets, waiting to catch a glimpse of the expecting mother, as well as her guests who were arriving for the celebration.

When she decided to hop on a plane once again to come to see Williams, she tried to keep it as low-key as possible. The trip was pretty quick, as Duchess Meghan wanted to get home to her husband as soon as possible.

Even so, Cosmopolitan reports that the press shamed the duchess because she supposedly came to New York without her young son, Archie. At the time, the Sussexes didn’t have a nanny for Archie, and fans were up in arms that Markle left him home.

Was Baby Archie secretly in New York along with Meghan Markle?

Although it was originally thought that Archie was at home in England, many people now believe that the young royal was along in New York with Duchess Meghan, and we just didn’t know it at the time. According to Elle, Williams made statements in defense of Meghan, saying that her close friend made the long trip along with a small baby, and then flew back almost immediately, something she never could have done herself.

Williams said: “I’m not sure many people can relate on that level. I just really think she’s literally the strongest person I know and the nicest, sweetest. She flew all the way with a newborn to see me play in New York and flew all the way back that night, and I probably couldn’t have done that. That kind of goes to show you what an amazing person she is.”

This is causing quite a few people to believe that Archie didn’t stay behind when Duchess Meghan flew across the pond and that she never should have been criticized in the first place. That said, some are also noting that the exact wording of Williams is ambiguous and the tennis superstar might have been referring to the fact that Markle made the trek in spite of having a baby at home.

Did Meghan Markle just cleverly address a major controversy through Serena Williams?

Other royal fans are suspicious that Duchess Meghan had her friend comment on her behalf so critics would know she didn’t leave Archie behind. Although it should be noted this has not been confirmed.

There is also no confirmation that Duchess Meghan brought Archie on the trip.

That said, royal reporter Rebecca English took to Twitter to expand on the comments made by Williams.

Duchess Meghan has been dealing with much more than her fair share of drama lately, even going so far as to admit that not many people have expressed concern for her well-being after becoming a mother. She also said that life as a royal is difficult, and we can only imagine the pressure that she is under, given the fact that she is dealing with attention like never before.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t make a difference. When the duchess came to New York to see Williams play, it really shouldn’t matter whether or not she brought Archie with her, considering how if he was at home in England, Prince Harry was there to care for him.