Did Meghan Markle Have a Bachelorette Party?

When Meghan Markle tied the knot with Prince Harry in 2018, it was one of the most-watched royal weddings ever. Millions of people tuned in to watch the couple and their loved ones celebrate their big day.

While many fans know well what Markle’s wedding was like, not a lot of people are aware of what she did before it. For example, did Markle have a bachelorette party with her friends and family? Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle celebrated her bachelorette party at a ‘five-star resort’

Meghan Markle attends The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration.
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Back in March 2018, the Daily Mail reported that Markle had her bachelorette party — also called a “hen do” in the U.K. — at a “mystery five-star resort.”

The location has been kept on the down-low, but the news outlets cited one of Markle’s favorite hotels, Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, as a possible place where the event is held.

Not much is known about how Markle celebrated, but earlier in 2018, a source told Us Weekly that Markle did not want to call her shindig a “bachelorette party” since she was not looking to follow the usual traditions. The insider shared: “Think low-key, think somewhere out of London, good food and drink, a little music. It won’t be wild.”

Meghan Markle’s mother and Kate Middleton were reportedly not there

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While Markle no doubt invited many close loved ones to her party, it was reported that her mother, Doria Ragland, and now-sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, were not present. According to The Sun, Ragland could not fly to the U.K. from Los Angeles at the time. Meanwhile, Duchess Kate was pregnant and needed rest.

However, there were rumors that other famous faces did show up to the party, such as Jessica Mulroney, Millie Mackintosh, Abigail Spencer, and Serena Williams.

Other royals had bachelor and bachelorette parties as well

Since royals are known to be prim and proper all the time, most people might not realize that they can do crazy pre-wedding celebrations as well.

For example, Prince Philip had a bachelor party (called a “stag party” in the U.K.) in 1947 before he tied the knot with Queen Elizabeth. It was held at the Dorchester Hotel with a number of Prince Philip’s friends from the Navy.

Unlike today’s royals who often opt for these types of events to be private, Prince Philip actually invited the press to the party and there were a few photos released. However, some of his friends ended up breaking the cameras during the shindig.

Prince William reportedly had a stag party as well before his wedding in 2011, but it was quite private. It was said that Prince Harry threw the party for his brother, and the two of them went to a countryside resort in Norfolk, England, with some close friends.

“We believe that William had a house party effectively within the grounds of a big stately home owned by friend Ed Van Cutsem, he’s one of the ushers at the wedding,” a royal expert told ABC News.

Duchess Kate had a hen do as well, which was thrown by her sister, Pippa. The location was also kept a secret, and Pippa actually booked a few different places in London to throw off the press. People reported that there was also rumored to be a Dirty Dancing-themed bash at the Middleton home.

While all of these parties sound fun, Sarah Ferguson, who married Prince Andrew in 1986, actually had the craziest event. She was the first royal bride to have a hen do, and it was quite wild.

The women invited reportedly dressed up in police uniforms and pretended to arrest one of their friends. However, law enforcement got involved because they were causing a ruckus, so they ended up spending the rest of the night at a nightclub instead. Later, they went back to Buckingham Palace at 2 a.m. and tried to lock Prince Andrew out.