Did Meghan Markle Help Prince Harry and Prince William End Their Feud?

It appears that the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William may have finally ended — and it might all be due to Meghan Markle, who has tried to “calm things down” between the brothers. Will there finally be an end to the gossip that the two don’t get along?

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Meghan Markle has reportedly been keeping the peace

The news of the brothers feuding has quieted for a bit and it may have been Markle’s doing, as royal correspondent Emily Andrews said the duchess has been trying to repair their relationship.

Andrews told Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box: “From all the people that I’ve spoken to, my understanding was it was Harry and William who had the difficulties and had fallen out.”

She added: “Someone told me actually that it was Meghan who had tried to make peace, [she] had tried to calm things down between Harry and William. I think she’s a very good influence on Harry.”

Middleton played a part in the brothers mending their relationship

It’s also been reported that Middleton has helped Markle with keeping things peaceful, with Andrews telling Fabulous Digital: “I would say both Kate and Meghan tried to mediate with the brothers.”

She added: “Things are much better now, now they’ve split their households and the foundation will also split. Things did get quite bad last year, but I think a bit of distance between the two brothers both personally and professionally has helped.”

Middleton’s friendly relationship with Prince Harry has reportedly helped ease tensions as well, as a palace insider told Mirror Online: “The Duchess and Harry have developed a very close bond over the years. Kate is acutely aware of the importance of William and Harry getting along, not just because of perception but their collective responsibility to the monarchy as a whole.”

Another source added: “Harry has acted as counsel to his brother throughout William and Kate’s more turbulent years, and the three of them had gone on to form the most tremendous partnership.”

Middleton reportedly asked Harry to extend an “olive branch” to William, and the brothers mended their rift, with Harry and Meghan inviting William and Middleton to Frogmore House after the Easter church service.

Have Markle and Middleton ended their reported feud?

It was never clear if there was an actual rift between Markle and Middleton, though the headlines of a feud between the duchesses persisted.

Andrews says that the women are actually civil to each other, noting, “I think it’s certainly fair to say that Meghan and Kate are very different women.”

She added: “Kate and Meghan are both professionals, they know that they have to get on and also they’re sister-in-laws, they don’t have to be best friends and apparently they were playing Scrabble together at Christmas at Sandringham.”

The feud rumors may have died down a bit for now, but it’s always a possibility that the gossip will drum up again.