Did Meghan Markle Really Have No Idea About Terrible British Tabloids?

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she may have assumed that she was going to be living a fairy tale. She got to marry her prince and the two of them took off in a horse-drawn carriage as the world watched.

However, Markle may have been a bit disillusioned when it came to what it really meant to be part of the most famous family in the entire world. In a very short amount of time, the former American actress went from living a relatively quiet life in Toronto, where her popular show Suits was filmed, to being so closely watched that she could barely make a move without it becoming headline news.

A documentary about Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry was recently aired, and viewers got an inside look about how Duchess Meghan was adjusting to her new life as the Duchess of Sussex. Fans found out she is a bit overwhelmed by the massive amount of attention that she receives every single day, especially the negative side of things.

So, did Markle really have no idea about the terrible British tabloids?

Meghan Markle is the subject of relentless attacks by the media

Meghan Markle attends a roundtable discussion on gender equality.
Meghan Markle |JEREMY SELWYN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Ever since fans found out that Markle was in a serious relationship with Prince Harry, she became one of the most sought-after women in the entire world. Lately, things haven’t been going so well for the duchess in regards to how the media portrays her.

According to The National, Markle was initially a delightful addition to the royal family. She was modernizing the monarchy in ways that no one ever did before, and to say that Duchess Meghan was a breath of fresh air was an understatement!

That has all started going in the opposite direction recently, and due to media “bullying,” the Duchess of Sussex has filed a lawsuit against the relentless British tabloids, while the Duke of Sussex released an unexpected statement asking the press to back off.

Meghan Markle’s British friends warned her that this would happen

Naturally, Markle was beyond excited when she began dating Prince Harry. Yet, dating someone so high-profile and in the public eye doesn’t come without drawbacks.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Markle’s British friends warned her about the pressures of the tabloids, and how her life would never be the same. The duchess admits that she knew royal life wouldn’t be simple, but she wasn’t prepared for just how intense it would be. She was told that the tabloids could potentially destroy her entire life, yet she didn’t take the advice that she was given.

Duchess Meghan is living in a totally different world than the one she was in just a few years ago, and she now feels that the constant attacks on her are untrue, not to mention completely unfair.

Meghan Markle didn’t understand the impact

Duchess Meghan herself admits that she didn’t understand the impact that the tabloids would have on her life. Daily Mail reports that the duchess was somewhat naive about the situation, which is why she ignored the advice she was given. In the recent documentary, Markle reveals how as a native American, she had no idea what she’d be dealing with as a member of the royal family.

Chances are, Duchess Meghan was in the dark when it came to how things were going to turn out. During her acting career, she was somewhat well-known, but she didn’t experience anything close to the level of fame she has now. Luckily, she has an amazing and supportive husband who will do whatever it takes to help her through this difficult time.