Did Michelle Duggar From ’19 Kids and Counting’ Really Want 19 Kids?

For better or for worse, we’re all familiar with the Duggar family. Many first saw them on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, where parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar introduced the world to their clan of 19 children (though it started with 18 at the time). Viewers got to see what the ultra-religious family was really like, which included information on how they budgeted, homeschooled, and taught their kids the importance of abiding by their strict rules and the laws of God.

Though 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled after the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal, viewers were still left with lingering questions for the family. And many wondered if Michelle really wanted that many children and if she would get pregnant again. Here’s what she’s said.

Michelle and Jim Bob don’t use birth control

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting"

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

After having 19 children, it’s clear Michelle and Jim Bob aren’t ones for birth control. And Bustle notes the family identifies as independent Baptist, which certainly influences this decision. Instead of planning out their family with the help of contraception, Michelle and Jim Bob prefer to let God dictate how many children they should be having.

Not only that, but the couple has also explained on their family website that they had utilized birth control in the past and believe it’s responsible for Michelle’s miscarriage. They said Michelle became pregnant while on the pill and then suffered a miscarriage — and their doctor said the birth control may have contributed to the loss. “As conservative Christians, we believe every life is sacred, even the life of the unborn. Due to our lack of knowledge, we destroyed the precious life of our unborn child,” they wrote. From that point forward, Michelle and Jim Bob vowed to never let birth control get in the way of God’s plan again.

Michelle has said she’d love more children

Josh Duggar 19 kids and counting

The Duggar family | Josh Duggar via Twitter

Is Michelle finished having children now that her youngest is 8 years old? It seems she’s totally leaving it in God’s hands — but ultimately, she’s also stated that she’d be happy to have more children. Bustle reports in one 19 Kids and Counting episode, she said, “We would love more children if God saw fit to give us more.”

It seems Michelle has seriously considered having more kids, too. She and Jim Bob saw a fertility doctor back in 2014 to see what their odds were of having another pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy specialist, Dr. Paul Wendel, said he’d be surprised if Michelle could have more children, and he also added that the chances of complications were particularly high if she did get pregnant due to her age. Even so, the Duggars are prepared to welcome any new babies into this world if the occasion arises.

Michelle had a 20th child, but the baby was stillborn

Michelle Duggar with family

Michelle Duggar with family | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Even with the Duggar family’s strict religious views, fans were surprised to hear that Michelle would want another baby given how difficult her pregnancy with Josie was. People reminds us back in 2009, Josie Duggar was born at just 25 weeks. Not only was Josie’s life in serious jeopardy, but Michelle’s was too, as she was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Thankfully, Josie didn’t experience any developmental delays from the scare, and she’s still doing great. “She is short, and yet she can keep up with the big girls and she thinks she is just as big as they are. We are amazed at what she can do,” Michelle said.

In 2011, it seemed the Duggar’s prayers were answered, too, as Michelle was pregnant with their 20th child. Sadly, baby Jubilee was born stillborn, In Touch Weekly reports. On their family Facebook page, the couple wrote back in 2017, “It’s hard to believe Jubilee would have been 6 years old today. … We so look forward to seeing Jubilee in heaven.”

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