Did Netflix and Steve Carell Blow It With ‘Space Force’?

Fans of The Office had waited excitedly for Netflix’s new comedy show, Space Force. But, after its one season debut, the reviews are mixed. Some fans think there might be potential there for a good show, while others were left sorely disappointed. 

When they had originally announced that The Office creator Greg Daniels was collaborating with superstar Steve Carell fans of the workplace sitcom were over the moon, but after watching season one there are many who think the new comedy was downright dull. There is still some hope, though, because surprisingly, there are still people who thought that Space Force was, indeed, out of this world. 

It’s not ‘The Office’ in space

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Expectations for Space Force were, understandably high. Fans of The Office were counting on the comedic powerhouse of Carell to carry the show. Add to that, a winning concept from Greg Daniels — a satirical comedy seemingly poking fun at the current Trump Administration — and it seems like a combination destined for laughs. 

Since The Office is scheduled to be leaving Netflix at the end of the year, fans were hopeful that this new show would fill the void left by the disappearance of Michael Scott. But, after an initial viewing, fans were quickly aware that Space Force was not simply The Office in space

Those who were hoping for an Office replacement were left wanting, likely because Netflix seemed to advertise the show in a way that indicated it would have the same humor and undertones of the previous workplace comedy…and Space Force can’t compete with the popularity of The Office. 

“I honestly think people were expecting The Office in space, explains one Reddit user, “and are really mad that that’s not what it was and like I don’t get it. That idea sounds not great either.”

Even ‘The Office’ wasn’t great in Season 1

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Imagining a moment when we didn’t love Jim Halpert is hard for The Office fans, but even diehard supporters can admit that its first season wasn’t super successful. In fact, many fans admit that they have skipped the first season altogether.

One user explains: “The characters felt really shallow and unlikeable at the start and really made it hard for me to relate to. The jokes were unfunny and didn’t really make me laugh and I really couldn’t get myself to finish the first season and skipped to the second.” 

Space Force just doesn’t seem to get off the ground in its first season. The humor seems to rely on the talented cast instead of decent writing or interesting material and fans are justly upset because it seems like all the pieces should fit together into a hit. 

The writing just doesn’t seem to align with the potential. There’s plenty of comedic talents involved, but that might not be enough to get the show to the heights of success we were hoping for. 

Critics are throwing lots of tomatoes

On the popular review website, Rotten Tomatoes critics have been especially harsh. While Space Force earned 77 percent from the general public, critics only gave it a 40 percent. That’s a pretty big divide. 

While critics have torn down the show for its lack of comedic delivery, stating “Space Force,” we do not have lift off,” regular viewers are less harsh. Some viewers even asking why the critics were so harsh, to begin with. 

Mixed reactions make fans wonder if there will be another season

Reddit users were all over the board with their opinions, but the majority of them still have hope. One user points out that “there’s a good foundation there for a successful sitcom. It has all the trappings of a great show- writers who have been successful, great actors, a decent baseline for interesting stories…but still fell short to me.” So maybe, maybe we’ll have lift-off in season two and if not, at least there was ice cream.