Did Netflix Cancel ‘Jessica Jones’ or Will There Be a Season 3?

One of the most popular Netflix original shows of all time is Jessica Jones. Premiering on the streaming service as an original series in late 2015, the show features Krysten Ritter as the title character, a former superhero who opens her own detective agency in order to better deal with her own issues of post-traumatic stress and anxiety. 

Jessica Jones became an instant hit for Netflix and has garnered thousands of fans, who love the dark themes and intricate storytelling. However, recent happenings between the streaming service and Disney, Marvel’s parent company, have fans wondering if one of their favorite shows will continue or end up canceled.

What is going on with Netflix and Marvel?

It’s no secret that Netflix has been slowly, methodically canceling all their Marvel original shows from the platform. Popular shows Iron Fist and Luke Cage were both pulled after successful early seasons, and another fan-favorite series, The Punisher, is facing an uncertain future. While The Punisher’s second season hit the platform in January 2019, there has been no official word on a possible third season. Fans are clamoring for more of the intense, dramatic series, which features Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame as anti-hero Frank Castle, but there’s a very real reason why The Punisher might be going the way of previous Netflix/Marvel collabs. 

There seems to be bad blood between Netflix and Marvel studios, which started several years ago. According to some recent reports, the real reason that Netflix is canceling their Marvel shows is because of the impending arrival of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, which will arrive sometime in late 2019. Since Marvel is tied to Disney, shows on Netflix that feature characters from the Marvel universe could be seen as advertising for a brand-new, rival streaming service, Disney+

While this isn’t exactly good news for fans of the two remaining Marvel shows on Netflix that haven’t been canceled, The Punisher and Jessica Jones, at the very least, the shows themselves won’t disappear from the platform entirely. It is likely that since Netflix will still retain ownership of the original shows, they will be available for streaming for years even if there are no new episodes being produced.

Did ‘Jessica Jones’ get canceled?

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Fortunately, there is some good news for Jessica Jones fans. The third season of the popular show is reportedly in post-production and should drop on Netflix in late 2019. No release date has been given, but this is in line with Netflix’s marketing strategy, as they frequently don’t announce the release date of certain shows until several weeks before they are dropped.

All of that being said, the third season of Jessica Jones will likely be the last. An official cancellation has not been released by Netflix, and probably won’t be until well after the third season drops, but the writing does seem to be on the wall, based on the fate of all of Netflix’s other Marvel shows.

Although fans will mourn the ending of the groundbreaking series, don’t count on Netflix to throw in the towel on all superhero-centric content. The streaming giant has proven remarkably adept at tracking viewer’s tastes and watching patterns, and with the wealth of original movies and shows that they have released in the past several years, it is likely that they will start to create superhero content that will try to replace the Marvel shows.

Until then – Jessica Jones fans can anticipate the eventual release of the third season and plan epic watch parties in order to celebrate a show that has become truly iconic in its time.