Did One ‘Euphoria’ Character Die During the Season Finale? Some Fans Think So

After HBO premiered the season finale of their drama series Euphoria, some fans had more questions than when they started watching. Specifically, fans were confused about the final scene, featuring Rue, her family, and a choir dressed in red. Here’s why some fans think this lead character died during the last episode of the first season.

This article contains spoilers from the season finale of Euphoria!

Did Rue relapse during the final scene of ‘And Salt The Earth Behind You?’

The final sequence of Euphoria had some fans scratching their heads. Was Rue doing drugs, or was that in her imagination? Some fans believed that the final scene was Rue’s relapse, experiencing the effects of drugs. Others believe that Rue didn’t relapse, and the episode ended with Rue walking home from the train station.

One fan tweeted, “for everyone confused in the comments it’s clear in what’s being said, Rue didn’t relapse. That entire scene with her singing and doing the line was the music video, if Rue didn’t want to worry her family more why would she relapse?”

Thanks to Hunter Schafer, the actress who portrays Jules, and an interview from Entertainment Weekly, there are a few more clues regarding what happened to Rue. Specifically, the fact that Rue did relapse.

“I understand Jules as being upset and getting all wrapped up in this idea of being able to return to one of her favorite places she’s been to in a long time,” said Schafer. “In another sense, it’s the first time we see Rue really making a decision for her sister and her mom, which is really, really important, I think. And while she does relapse, I think that that decision can sort of be seen as a glimmer of hope maybe and that she’s not making decisions around this sort of toxic idealization of Jules.”

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Some fans think Rue might have died during the finale of ‘Euphoria’

Others believed that when Rue relapsed, she overdosed and died. Some of the biggest giveaways included the snow falling into her room, her rising up out of the bed, and her dad kissing her on the forehead.

“Did Rue die in the end? I’m very confused it looked like she died and was watching her family and recalling stuff and no one could see her, but her dad and he gave her a hug, and he’s dead and then she got lifted up and saw the light. I think Rue is dead, someone help,” said one Twitter user.

“Y’all I think Rue died because if you watch the ending for real, you peep when she hugged her mom and Gia, they didn’t even notice but her dad was the only one who noticed that she was there, I might be reaching but,” said another Twitter user.

Nothing has been confirmed yet by Zendaya or HBO. However, some fans believe that Rue is still alive, citing the actress’s twitter account as proof of Rue’s fate.

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There are other fan theories about Rue and the season finale of ‘Euphoria’

Other fans have a different theory about Rue. After HBO renewed Euphoria for a second season, Zendaya tweeted her excitement. Before the finale, Zendaya sent out another tweet, saying, “I really can’t believe that tomorrow is the last episode of Euphoria. I know it’s just the first season but still.”

Twitter users took this as a sign that Rue, via the actress Zendaya, would return for the show’s second season. Her role in the upcoming season is still unclear, as production has not begun on the newest episodes.

“Anyway, I believe the final scene was meant to be left open to interpretation in case it didn’t come back for season two. So, yes, I am perfectly fine living in denial that Rue didn’t relapse for the next year. Good day,” said one Twitter user.

Some speculate the show will return to HBO around June 2020. Until then, episodes of the drama series, Euphoria, are available for streaming on HBO Go.