Did Pete Davidson Just Hint He’s Going to Rehab During ‘SNL’ Appearance? Fans Praise Him for Getting Mental Health Treatment

Pete Davidson stopped by the “Weekend Update” segment of Saturday Night Live under the guise that he had something to say about Donald Trump’s impeachment, but quickly ditched the political news to get a bit more personal. Davidson touched on dating Kia Gerber and seemed to hint at an upcoming visit to rehab or a mental health facility.

pete davidson rehab mental health
Pete Davidson | Rosalind O’Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Pete Davidson opens up about his current romance

Davidson didn’t give too many details about his current dating status, but shared just enough to placate the people who seem obsessed with why he’s always dating someone famous.

The comedian shared with “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost how different the reaction is to him dating a celebrity versus Jost, who is engaged to Scarlett Johansson. Davidson noted that his experience has been vastly different from Jost’s, explaining: “It’s not fair… you get to date a famous woman and everyone’s delighted, but when I do it the world wants to punch me in the throat.” 

He continued, wondering why people get mad about it, saying, “If I’m your type of guy that your daughter or mother is into, then trust me, I’m the best case scenario. There are a million guys who look like me and I’m the only one with a job. It’s just me or Tyga.”

Davidson addressed comparisons to host Eddie Murphy

Since he’s the youngest SNL cast member since Murphy, Davidson shared what it’s like to be compared to the night’s host, who was 19 years old when he started on the sketch comedy show. Davidson had to follow Murphy reprising his iconic character Gumby just moments before.

Davidson shared: “I can’t believe you guys let me do this during the Eddie Murphy episode. So many fans being reminded why they stopped watching.”

He added that he wished there weren’t comparisons between him and Murphy, noting, “It’s mean to Eddie. There was a time where he had the number one movie, show, and song at the same time and I don’t think there was an episode where I was in both a live sketch and a video.”

Davidson revealed he’s seeking treatment over the winter hiatus

With SNL now on its winter hiatus, Davidson joked about what his plans would be over the break, sharing that he was “going on a little ‘vacation,’” to which Jost asked why the comedian used air quotes.

Davidson shared, “You know, the kind of vacation where like insurance pays for some of it and they take your phone and shoelaces… and you have roommates, but it still costs like $100,000.”

Fans are supporting Davidson’s mental health treatment

Jost took a moment to share a tweet about Davidson that proved how much people support him, reading: “I don’t care if he’s crazy, I really love Pete Davidson.”

On Twitter, Pete Davidson’s name started trending as people flooded the social media platform, praising him for his decision to enter rehab or a mental health facility for help.

One fan noted: “If Pete Davidson is actually going to rehab, I salute the dude for talking about it in public. Maybe somebody else will feel a little less ashamed.”

Another Twitter user shared: “Nothing but respect for #PeteDavidson who just said he’s going away to rehab, live on #snl. It takes guts to admit to a problem and commit to getting well. I rarely tweet but it really touched me, rooting for him.”

One fan shared: “#petedavidson going to rehab to get some help. Good for him! We should support people trying to get healthy not ridicule them. His openness about it can serve as motivation for others who may be silently suffering to seek help.”

On the SNL YouTube video of his segment, there was also an outpouring of support, with one fan commenting: “Stay strong, Pete. Your openness with your struggles with mental illness is shining a massive light to the stigma, and I personally believe you are a pioneer that’s helping to shape how we see and deal with this issue that affects so many of us. We’re with you, man!”