Did Piers Morgan Date Meghan Markle?

The British tabloids have been attacking Meghan Markle nonstop since she and Prince Harry announced their relationship. The attacks have been personal, misleading, and hurtful.

Duchess Meghan also recently broke down at a press conference. The constant negative coverage has clearly affected her, even though she puts up a strong front. 

The duchess has held her head high, but she’s not taking the abuse lying down. She’s suing one media outlet for publishing a letter she wrote to her father before her wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex allege that the Mail didn’t just steal and publish the letter. According to the royal couple, the tabloid altered what Markle wrote.

While many of Duchess Meghan’s family, friends, and fans are furious over how she has been treated, Piers Morgan, a British TV personality, seems to enjoy watching her suffer. He’s been at the forefront of a lot of the public criticism of Meghan, and he’s said some very offensive things. It turns out, he has a personal connection to the duchess.

Piers Morgan and Meghan Markle definitely had one outing

Piers Morgan attends the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards.
Piers Morgan | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Morgan calls this a date. We’re not sure what Markle called it, but from his description, we’re willing to guess it was just a drink with a fan from Duchess Meghan’s perspective. 

According to Morgan, who told this tale to Access Hollywood in 2018, he was a fan of the show Suits. He followed Markle and a few other actors from the show on social media. He DMed Markle about how he enjoyed her on the show, and she responded.

They exchanged a few messages. At some point, Markle was traveling in London and Morgan invited her out for a pint at his local pub. Markle agreed, and showed up to the pub “looking a million dollars.” They had a nice time, and Markle told Morgan she’d be in touch. She never contacted him again. 

Fans think Piers Morgan is ‘obsessed’ with Meghan Markle

The story of Markle and Morgan’s so-called date has made the rounds among Duchess Meghan’s fans. They think that Morgan is ‘obsessed’ with the duchess, and is now insulting her on every available media outlet because she wouldn’t date him. 

Morgan’s behavior is pretty atrocious. He’s garnered international attention, and even the Australian Today Show hosts agree that he’s taken things too far. They said, on-air: “Piers Morgan’s never gotten over the fact that Meghan Markle stopped returning his texts. He’s now obsessed with her. It used to be weirdly amusing, now it’s just weird.”

Piers Morgan seems to think this story proves something about Meghan Markle

Morgan has said repeatedly that her ghosting of him proves the duchess is a bad person.

“I would be a little concerned if I was the royal family, that here you have someone that appears to be — on the face of it — a lovely person, but is prepared to cut people like that,” Morgan said.

It’s kind of silly that after one beer he felt so close to the duchess that her lack of a subsequent response constituted cutting him out. That’s how he feels, but we suspect Markle has a much different version of this story. 

Fans seem to agree that Duchess Meghan probably didn’t think of her outing with Morgan as a date at all. From his telling, it seems like he came off as a fan who wanted to get to know Markle.

Markle hasn’t told her side of the story. Mudslinging is beneath her, it seems. We don’t know what she thought the outing was, or if she had a good reason to ghost Morgan. What we do know is that the story says more about him than it does about her.