Did Prince Andrew Prove That He Wants to Make a Royal Family Comeback With This Move?

Several months ago Prince Andrew did a televised interview in which he talked about his association with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and denied accusations that he had sex with one of Epstein’s alleged victims when she was a minor.

That interview was seen as a disaster because the Duke of York did not come off as believable and showed no empathy for any of the women allegedly trafficked by his former friend.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

His “car crash” interview garnered so much backlash that he temporarily stepped down from his royal duties. It was later reported that a decision was made that the prince would not resume any of his official duties. But there is one thing Andrew refused to give up and now a royal expert claims that is because he is planning on making a comeback one day.

What Prince Andrew did could mean he intends to make a comeback

While Prince Andrew agreed to step back from public life he retained his military commands. According to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, in doing so the duke feels he can one day have a royal family comeback.

“He’s still kept his military links so I think he is hoping to make some sort of a comeback,” Fitzwilliams told The Express. “But I don’t think this comeback is getting very far.”

The commentator added that even though the prince was forced to step down permanently he doesn’t believe Andrew sees it that way at all and instead thinks he’ll be able to return to the royal spotlight at some point.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Andrew is ‘nervous’ following Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest

After the arrest of Epstein’s former companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, on July 2, the idea of Andrew making any type of comeback seems almost impossible and now a source says the queen’s son is “incredibly nervous.”

“That really scares him,” the source told Us Weekly about the arrest, adding that’s because Maxwell will “do almost anything to escape jail time.”

This follows a claim from Maxwell’s former pal and Prince Andrew’s second cousin who alleged that Maxwell secretly recorded Andrew and could hand that footage over to authorities.

“He is one of many johns, all of whom were videotaped by Ghislaine. He is not a victim here but Ghislaine was never his friend, she was taping him,” Christina Oxenberg said when speaking to The Sun.

U.S. feds still want to talk to the Duke of York

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Duke of York previously said he is willing to talk to the authorities if asked. However, he has yet to give a formal interview despite repeated requests.

“Definitely the department wants to talk to Prince Andrew, that’s why the Southern District has been making efforts to communicate and to arrange an interview with him,” Attorney General William Barr told ABC News. “The department is communicating with him and made it clear that we’d like to interview him.”

Federal prosecutors have stated that Andrew is a witness, not the target of this investigation

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