Did Prince Charles and Prince William Try to Show Prince Harry What He’s Missing During Recent Royal Visit?

Following Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex‘s bombshell decision to step down as senior members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II called a meeting between herself, Harry, Prince Charles, and Prince William.

After the royal summit concluded, the queen said the family supported Harry and his wife’s choice and they would officially stop carrying out royal duties this year. Other senior royals are stepping up their efforts and even appearing together at engagements. Now though, a joint appearance with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge has some wondering if they were sending a message to Harry about what he’s missing being away from royal life.

Prince William and Prince Charles
Prince William and Prince Charles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Charles and Prince William were ‘blindsided’ by Megxit

On Jan. 8, the Duke of Sussex and retired actress announced their choice to leave royal life behind. Almost immediately, reports surfaced that Harry’s father and brother were not expecting to hear about the couple’s plans the same time the rest of the world did.

BBC correspondent Jonny Dymond said that Palace officials told him that senior royals like Charles and William were “hurt,” “disappointed,” and felt “blindsided” by the news.

It’s also been reported that Prince Charles was pretty upset with the duchess for not talking to him about things since he thought they had formed a “close bond” even before she married Harry. The elder prince gave Meghan the nickname “Tungsten” after the strong metal because he admired her strength and toughness and did not hesitate when he was asked to walk her down the aisle the day she and Harry tied the knot.

But in Harry and Meghan’s absence things have gone on as usual. Although a recent royal visit is leading some fans to believe that it was aimed at showing the Duke of Sussex exactly what he missing out on now.

They had fun during a visit with injured members of the armed forces

On Feb. 11, Princes Charles and William visited injured members of the armed forces at Leicestershire’s military rehab facility. The father-and-son duo appeared playful and even shared video of Charles pushing William in a wheelchair to set up shooting from that position.

Of course, some read into this a bit because engagements and projects involving wounded servicemen and women have always been a cause close to Harry’s heart. One tipster took that further and said they were indeed trying to send Harry a message.

“They know Harry follows royal press obsessively, and they wanted him to see that things are going great without him and that if he were to return he would be far from miserable.,” the source told Woman’s Day Australia., adding, “I’m sure Charles and Wills would’ve wanted to remind Harry of that. As much as Harry insists he loves his new life, a huge part of him will miss the military, as well as the day-to-day contact with his dad and brother.”

The publication’s source remained anonymous so we won’t if that really was the case for sure unless the Duke of Cornwall or Duke of Cambridge comment on it, which is something that likely won’t happen. Therefore, the speculation will continue.

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