Did Prince Charles Really Fall Asleep During Queen Elizabeth’s Speech at the Opening of Parliament?

Prince Charles may have nodded off during Queen Elizabeth’s speech at the opening of parliament. Every year, Her Majesty gives a speech on the first day of parliament, but this year, royal watchers were quick to notice how Charles appeared rather sleepy throughout the event. Did Charles really fall asleep while sitting next to Queen Elizabeth as she spoke to members of parliament?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles | Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Charles appears to doze off

As he has in recent years, Charles sat next to Queen Elizabeth as she gave her speech to the country’s leaders. Although the speech went off without a hitch, video from the event appears to show Charles nodding off at several points.

According to Express, there is a point in the clip where Charles blinks a few times in an attempt to stay awake before completely dozing off. And just when Charles was having trouble staying awake, the Queen was talking about a cause that is dear to his heart: climate change.

“My Government will continue to take steps to meet the world leading target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” Queen Elizabeth shared. “It will continue to lead the way in tackling global climate change, hosting the COP26 summit in 2020.”

Prince Charles has not commented on what happened during the speech, but the video clearly shows him starting to doze off.

While the Prince of Wales is making headlines for falling asleep, fans also noted how Queen Elizabeth looked a little more frail than usual.

Fans chime in on Queen Elizabeth’s speech

Taking to Twitter, royal watchers discussed Queen Elizabeth’s appearance in great detail, with many fans saying she looked quite frail at the event.

“Queen looks very frail,” one fan wrote, while another added, “I think because the queen is in day dress it is more noticeable how frail she seems.”

Other fans pointed out that Prince Charles should just give the speeches from here on out. After all, Charles is already attending the event in support of the Queen, so it would not be that big of a stretch if he gave the speech as well (as long as he could stay awake).

The speech was Queen Elizabeth’s last public event before the holiday break. Her Majesty will be spending Christmas with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the rest of the royal family at her Sandringham estate.

The only royals who are not attending are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple, along with their son, Archie Harrison, is spending the holidays with her mother, Doria Ragland, in California.

Inside Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe change

The Queen’s speech at parliament is usually a fairly regal affair, with Her Majesty donning her best jewels and crown for the event. But this year, Queen Elizabeth rocked a day dress and hat instead, leaving her Imperial State Crown and State Robe behind.

She dressed down for the event because this is the second time she has delivered a speech in parliament this year. She had to give a second speech due to the general election, which usually happens in November.

The crown and robe are also very cumbersome for the 93-year-old, so it makes sense that Queen Elizabeth opted for a more casual look. And with it being so close to the holidays, Queen Elizabeth did not want to get all dressed up for the engagement.

She did, however, have the crown placed beside her as she gave the speech. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles also arrived at the event in a car instead of the traditional carriage.

Prince Charles sends fans into a frenzy

While Charles took a lot of grief for falling asleep at Queen Elizabeth’s speech, he made up for it by sharing some precious photos of him and his mother after the event.

The photos included shots of Prince Charles holding Queen Elizabeth’s hand as she made her way to the front of parliament, and the mother and son duo sitting next to each other during the proceedings.

Fans loved the pics and expressed their support and admiration for both Queen Elizabeth and her son.

“I don’t know how our beautiful queen Elizabeth does it at her age of 93,” one fan shared. “She is magnificent as is Charles her son 72.”

Other fans noted how Prince Charles looked very regal throughout the event and appears ready to take over as soon as Queen Elizabeth is done.

Charles is the first in line to the throne and will become the King of the United Kingdom once Queen Elizabeth abdicates or passes away. There has been a lot of talk about Her Majesty retiring when she reaches 95 and passing the reigns to Prince Charles, though nothing official has been confirmed on that front.