Did Prince Harry Accidentally Confirm the Tabloid Stories About His Family Are True?

Could the royal stories in the tabloids be true? Is there truly family drama brewing among the royal family members? Earlier this month, Prince Harry made an alarming accusation that British tabloids had gone as far as to steal voicemails through modern hacking.

Prince Harry visits Croke Park.
Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

This type of accusation has many fans alarmed at the idea of such extremes taken by these royal family members. Others; however, are concerned that this is Prince Harry‘s accidental confirmation that the tabloid stories circling the royal family may be true. 

Meghan Markle’s letter to Thomas Markle

The letter Meghan Markle wrote to her estranged father was released without her consent for public viewing. In the letter, Duchess Meghan addressed her father and his constant visit to the tabloids regarding her and her family. While she was reaching out to her father for a positive solution, the tabloid media enacted a mockery against the Duchess of Sussex and the contents of the letter. 

This event sparked Prince Harry’s aggravation with the tabloids, as it triggered former memories of attacks on his late mother, Princess Diana. This release allowed the tabloids to target Duchess Meghan in a negative light, and Prince Harry was having no more negativity against the women in his life. 

Prince Harry makes a statement

An emotional and scathing letter released by Prince Harry blatantly accused two of the more popular British tabloids of attacking his wife in a media war by publishing a private letter without her consent. Although the letter may have been released by Markle’s father, she was the author of the document and did not give her permission for the contents to be released.

Prince Harry made his stance known with these two tabloids as he confronted their endless tirade on his family and use this opportunity to make a stand against media bullying. Shortly after this statement, Prince Harry moved forward with a lawsuit to prevent “history from repeating itself” to prevent a previous attack that replicated what Princess Diana experienced. 

Prince Harry enters a lawsuit

Since the release of his statement, Prince Harry also moved forward with a lawsuit against these major tabloids, suggesting that they illegally hacked into his private voicemail and are releasing information without their consent. Based upon what has been leaked and the constant headlines with new information, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved forward with legal action. The royal couple decided that all money that comes from this suit will be donated to anti-bullying campaigns to protect others from this type of attack in the future. 

Did Prince Harry just accidentally admit the rumors are true?

What can be derived from Prince Harry’s reaction is that there is some truth to the rumors leaking around the royal family. Something in the details kept Prince Harry from attempting to sweep the rumors and tackle them directly.

While some may consider this need for a lawsuit to be a precaution on Prince Harry’s behalf, there are no outlandish statements where the information being gathered is incorrect. By stating his devices were hacked and personal information was taken, is Prince Harry admitting that the tabloids are true? The logic is simple: He’d only suspect he’s been hacked if tabloids are reporting on things that are true and not common knowledge.

The need for the lawsuit following the emotional statement was Prince Harry showing his hand and taking measures that would protect his family in the days to come.