Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Really Make Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez Sign an ‘NDA’ for ‘Double Date’?

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the unprecedented and shocking announcement that they would be stepping away from their royal duties and living a more private life, there was plenty of hand wringing and blame to go around. In the aftermath, many have focused on an intense dislike for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and blamed her for the split. Others have recognized it’s that very dislike (with its racist undertones) that caused the need for a split in the first place. 

Since both Prince Harry and Meghan are bombarded with criticism for every move they make post-exit, it can be hard to tell what is truth and what is mean-spirited gossip. One of the most recent stories going around is that the ousted royals went on a double date with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez but made the famous couple sign a non-disclosure agreement beforehand. Is there any truth to this rumor, or is it just one more false dig at the pair? 

All eyes have been on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since the split

Since their dramatic exit, many people have been closely watching Prince Harry and Meghan’s new life to see if it will live up to their expectations for privacy and calm. Some people seem to be rooting for their failure, as if remaining unhappy in the new circumstances would somehow prove that Meghan had simply sabotaged her royal role. 

Others, however, seem genuinely concerned about the way the couple was treated by the British press and want to know that they’re living a happier, less criticized life. Prince Harry and Meghan know that their every move is going to be under scrutiny from fans and critics alike, so they’re carefully laying out the groundwork for their next move. 

When did the Sussexes reportedly meet Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the Commonwealth Day Service 2020 at Westminster Abbey
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Part of the deal to leave their duties required the pair to become financially independent, and one of their first forays into this new life came with a big paycheck. They had a paid speaking engagement at a JP Morgan event.

While the exact amount is unknown, rumors have flown that they received between $500,000 and $1 million to speak. Prince Harry spoke about mental health and the importance of therapy in helping him manage his grief following his mother’s tragic death. 

This move brought sharp judgment — especially from Meghan’s most outspoken critic, Piers Morgan. Some saw the move as opportunistic and exploitative. Others, however, focused less on what the pair was paid and more on who they were seated with for the event.

Rumor has it that Markle and Prince Harry spent the evening with Lopez and Rodriguez, who also attended. 

Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have to sign an NDA?

Rodriguez recently appeared on The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon had him play a game called “Q&A-Rod.” Fallon cut right to the chase, opening the game with a question about the rumored double date: “Did you and Jennifer Lopez recently go on a double date with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? If so, who paid?” 

Rodriguez looks around quizzically as he appears stumped on how to answer the question. Finally, he said simply, “I signed an NDA.” The audience responded with dismay, and Fallon said, “So that means you did!” Rodriguez smiles widely and slaps his knee as he laughs at the response, but he doesn’t elaborate any further or deny the date took place. 

The JP Morgan event where this so-called “double date” allegedly took place was in Miami at the restaurant Habitat inside 1 Hotel. While Rodriguez’s non-answer suggests the rumors are true, it leaves a lot of questions about why the Sussexes would go to such lengths. Fans and critics alike wonder what they are trying to hide

Most likely, the non-disclosure agreement has nothing to do with the date — it’s likely just a joke — and everything to do with the details of Prince Harry and Meghan’s participation in the event. While rumors have obviously leaked out, they are not confirming their pay rate or the exact contents of the speech. Rodriguez and Lopez, who were present and know more than the public, likely were asked to sign the agreement to keep it that way.