Did Prince Harry Break Royal Protocol With This Shocking and Naughty Joke?

Prince Harry seems to be a bit more fast and loose when it comes to royal protocol as compared to his brother, Prince William. It’s clear he has more wiggle room in that regard, especially when it came to his recent cheeky Speedo joke, something William would (probably) never say.

prince harry budge smuggler
Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Harry likes to joke

Prince Harry is known to make jokes from time to time, but this instance seems to be a bit edgier and naughtier than you’d expect from a member of the royal family.

He used the UK’s heatwave as the perfect premise to have a laugh, including a shocking one-liner in a letter he wrote to Australian wheelchair tennis player Dylan Alcott, an Invictus Games competitor, who won at the Wimbledon quad wheelchair singles final this year.

In the letter, Prince Harry had the usual congratulatory message you would expect, praising Alcott’s “extraordinary” achievements.

He decided to add a bit of a quip in the letter’s P.S., calling out a gift the two had received at the Invictus Games. Harry wrote: “I’m wondering if you wore your Invictus Games budgie smugglers on the big night to accept it? Mine have come in handy in this recent UK heatwave!”

For anyone confused by what “budgie smugglers” means, Urban Dictionary has the following explanation: “Australian slang term for men’s tight-fitting Speedo-style swimwear. The ‘lump in the front’ apparently resembles a budgie when it is stuffed down the front of someone’s shorts.”

Yes, Prince Harry went… there.

No worries, as Alcott was pretty pleased with the letter, tweeting he was “Pen pals with the Duke of Sussex himself” and calling Harry “an absolute legend.”

Does Prince Harry get his ‘naughty’ side from his mom?

It seems that this sense of humor runs in the family. Royal expert Victoria Arbiter once noted that Prince Harry inherited mom Princess Diana‘s mischievous, cheeky and naughty side

In fact, Princess Diana once showed off her naughty sense of humor in a “secret” birthday card that was discovered and put up for auction. The front of the card included an illustration of a woman asleep in bed with the caption “A little prick in the hand sent Sleeping Beauty to sleep.” Inside, the card read: “Only the big ones are worth staying awake for!”

Diana included a hand-signed message inside as well: “Tony, a belated Happy Birthday for the 5th. From, Diana.”

The seller told Mirror Online: “I was shocked and surprised when I first saw the message in the card, because I always knew that Princess Diana had a cheeky sense of humor but I had no idea that it was to this extent.”

They added: “Her sense of humor was actually flirty and naughty judging by the text in this card. I know that Diana liked to send humorous cards, but I haven’t seen any quite this naughty, so for me it really shows that she was a fun human being that could share some dirty jokes with her closest friends.”