Did Prince Harry Buy Meghan Markle A Push Present?

Meghan Markle dazzled crowds when she stepped out for the first time since giving birth to her son, Archie Harrison. The Duchess of Sussex attended the Trooping the Colour parade with other members of the royal family a few days ago and looked as gorgeous as ever at the royal engagement. While it was great to see Markle back in action, some eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed a new ring on her wedding finger. Did Harry purchase a push present for the former actress?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle shows off new bling

During her appearance at the Trooping the Colour parade, Markle appeared to be rocking a third ring on her finger. According to News.com.au, the new band was easily visible as Markle rode alongside her husband, Prince Harry. Ever the inquisitive bunch, royal watchers began to speculate if the new jewelry was a push present from Harry.

Markle has not commented on the ring, but there is no denying that she was rocking some new bling following the birth of her son last month.

Push present aside, royal experts examined Markle’s body language towards Kate Middleton, who also rode in her carriage. Based on Middleton’s stiff posture, experts believe there is still tension between the two families.

Rumors of a feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle surfaced last year. Sources claim that the women have been fighting ever since Markle’s wedding last May, though nothing official has ever confirmed any of the reports.

“Kate’s non-verbal confidence signals have been increasing recently but the lack of relaxed splaying here suggested inner tension,” body language expert Judi James revealed. “It was clearly Meghan looking the happiest and most relaxed here, using a cheek-rounding, congruent-looking smile and eye contact as she chatted to Kate.”

Is Meghan Markle’s maternity leave officially over?

It has only been a few weeks since Markle delivered Archie, yet her appearance at the Trooping the Colour parade suggests that her maternity leave has come to an end. The parade, which featured over 1400 soldiers, 400 musicians, and 300 horses, is held in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 93 years old last April.

Most members of the royal family were in attendance at the event, though Prince Philip, who retired from royal duty a few years ago, opted to remain at home.

Markle’s appearance at the Trooping the Colour event was not without controversy. In fact, just a few days prior to the parade, Markle skipped out on a state banquet the royal family put on for Donald Trump.

At the time, it was thought Markle did not attend the dinner because she was still on maternity leave, though critics now say she should have made time for the special occasion. That said, Markle had good reason to steer clear of Trump. Before visiting Buckingham Palace, Trump’s controversial comments about Markle came to light. In a previous interview, Trump referred to Markle as “nasty,” a name he also used in his 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Meghan Markle wows onlookers at parade

Despite taking a few months off for the pregnancy, Markle did not appear to have missed a beat during the parade. The former Suits star rocked a blue Givenchy ensemble for the event, which is the same designer she used for her wedding. She completed her look with a stylish hat from Noel Stewart’s collection.

Markle’s ring may have been what made headlines, but she pretty much stole the show with her chic style and positive attitude. Other than a brief appearance after Archie’s birth, this was the first time we have seen Markle since last month.

Harry and Markle welcomed their first child back in May. The couple confirmed the exiting news on social media and later revealed that Archie has an amazingly calm temperament. When they debuted Archie for all the world to see last month, the newborn slept through the entire photo op.

Meghan Markle has not said anything about her new ring. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently moved into their new estate, Frogmore Cottage, and are looking to get a number of different charitable projects underway as the year moves along.