Did Prince Harry Know About Prince William’s Rumored Affair Before the News Broke?

Prince William has been in hot water over the past month due to rumors that he had an affair with family friend Rose Hanbury. While none of the rumors have been proven true, Will also hasn’t come out and denied them in any kind of statement. It could be that he feels they’re so bogus that they don’t even warrant an explanation. But how does his brother, Prince Harry, feel about all of this? Was Harry aware of the alleged affair before the news broke internationally?

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle on Christmas Day 2018 | Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Will reportedly stepped out on Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury

About a month ago, news broke that Will reportedly had an affair with one of Kate’s best friends, Rose Hanbury. It’s unclear how the rumor got started, and it hasn’t been proven at all. But according to reports, Will went behind Kate’s back, and when Kate found out, she cut her best friend off. Once the rumor broke, some people were quick to believe it, since Will’s father, Prince Charles, was caught up in one of the most infamous affairs of the 20th century. Some suggest the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Will cheated. Others feel he is very different from his father.

Harry and Will have supposedly been on bad terms lately — and some wonder if it’s because of the affair

Things have been shaky for Will and Harry for a long time now, according to the British media. However, it’s also possible that rumors about feuds have been blown out of proportion. Will and Harry decided to divide their households, and it instantly caused plenty of stories to come out about the brothers. Growing up, they were extremely close, but when Harry decided to marry Meghan Markle, Will reportedly had a problem with it. Ever since, people have thought the two are on bad terms. But with this new cheating rumor, some have wondered if the feud stemmed from Harry being upset over Will’s infidelity.

Will and Harry also decided to divide their household this year, which only add fuel to the feud fire. But it’s important to remember that as Will’s duties get more complex, and Harry drops further down the line for the throne, it only makes sense that the men would eventually start to lead two different royal lives.

If Harry had known about the affair, he likely would have done anything to stop it

Harry and Will are brothers, and they have a bond that will never be broken, regardless of a slight rift every now and then. It’s possible that Will came to Harry when the affair happened, but it’s unclear if the affair was a “one-time thing” or not. If it wasn’t just once, Harry likely would have done anything he could to stop it. It’s also possible the affair was entirely a made-up rumor and nothing of the sort ever happened; in that case, Harry certainly wouldn’t have known about it before the news broke. If the affair actually did happen, it’s Harry would probably be angry with Will over it, especially with everything their mother went through with their father, but Harry also most likely would have done his best to help Will figure everything out.

Harry and Kate have always been close friends.

There are still plenty of people who don’t believe Will would ever do such a thing

While the rumors are hard to ignore, there are still plenty of people who would never peg Will to be a cheater. After all, Will was the one who shielded Harry from the drama involving their own parents back in the 1980s. Will saw first-hand how the affair affected his mother emotionally, plus how it affected his father’s reputation — and he did not take an immediate liking to Camilla by any means. It’s entirely likely the affair never happened, and despite a possible fight between Will and Harry, Harry would certainly defend his brother if that’s the case. Right now, it looks like the rumors don’t have anything to back them up, which means Harry was probably unaware of the “affair” before the media created it.

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