Did Prince William Have Other Alleged Affairs Before Rose Hanbury?

One of the latest scandalous ordeals surrounding the royal family are rumors of an affair. Even more unbelievable, it’s speculated the royal affair was between Prince William and a close friend of Kate Middleton named Rose Hanbury.

Why is this so shocking? Well, William and Kate appear to be the perfect couple. They have eyes only for each other, and they have been together for almost two decades. Further, they have three adorable children and are all set to one day become king and queen. Naturally, fans were devastated when the current rumors surfaced, wondering if the affair actually happened. Many are also wondering if it’s possible William cheated on Kate in the past. Let’s take a look.

What were the Prince William affair rumors about?

Prince William
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When we take into consideration the number of people Prince William interacts with on a daily basis, it’s almost easy to see how rumors could get started. One badly timed photograph could be the beginning of incessant chatter regarding infidelity. However, this is not exactly how things went down.

In recent weeks, it was said that Kate was turning her back on Rose, who is also known as the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The two had been friends for years, so it seemed unusual the Duchess of Cambridge would suddenly make the decision to cut Rose out of her life. Before long, rumors were running rampant the real reason was that William had cheated on his wife with Rose, and as a result, Kate wanted her out of the picture entirely.

Is history repeating itself?

Perhaps the reason many fans took these rumors so seriously is that it is not the first time a cheating scandal has rocked the royal family. Most people surely know that William’s father, Prince Charles, was having an affair with his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, while he was still married to Princess Diana. The world loved Diana, and just about everyone was hoping she would become a future queen.

Due to her husband’s inability to stay faithful, the marriage ended, and many around the world became resentful of the future king. It could very well be that fans feel that an affair between William and Rose is certainly possible since he may be capable of doing exactly what his father did all those years ago.

Are the Prince William affair rumors true?

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Before we jump to any conclusions, we must keep in mind the rumors have not been confirmed. There’s not even any evidence. William and Kate don’t appear to be bothered by what people are thinking, and they are interacting with each other the same as they always did. No statements have been released, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t appear to be having any marital problems. Hopefully, this means that rumors of an alleged affair will die down quickly, and everyone can move on.

Did Prince William have any other alleged affairs in the past?

While no one knows for sure what goes on in the personal lives’ of the royal family, it does not appear that Prince William has ever been unfaithful to Kate. He pursued her back when they were both students at the University of Saint Andrew’s in the early 2000s, and has never been known to cheat. It is possible that William understands all too well how hurtful it could be when someone is not faithful to their spouse, and that he would never do such a thing to his wife. The rumors are, after all, only rumors, and we should remember that William and Kate have chosen not to address them directly, further indicating they are most likely untrue.