Did Prince William and Kate Middleton Just Quietly Show Prince Harry and Meghan Markle How Royal Work ‘Should Be Done’?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are rarely ever the subject of negative headlines, it seems. One royal expert believes that the Cambridges are the perfect example of “showing how it should be done” in terms of the work they do. Many think that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could learn from the way the Cambridges present themselves.

prince william kate middleton show how its done
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Prince William and Middleton have mastered their royal work

Prince William and Middleton are being praised for their public work by royal expert Juliet Rieden, who shared on Nine News Australia’s show, The Royal Insiders, that the couple’s appearance at the Royal Variety Performance was particularly favorable.

Rieden told host Belinda Russell: “The Royal Variety Performance is a lovely, happy event. It used to be attended by the Queen. Now we see a woman who will be the Queen one day, looking fabulous of course. They looked like they were really having a good time as well.”

She continued, noting, “We’re seeing a lot more of that interaction between William and Kate. But also the interaction between them and the performers there. Robbie Williams was one of the performers and there was a whole long line of them, all thrilled to be meeting this couple.”

Rieden found their appearance to be a prime example of how they can do no wrong and how other royals should take note. She explained, “This is royal work as we know it. William and Kate showing how it should be done.”

Prince William and Middleton also know how to please the media

The Cambridges and Sussexes are often compared, with Prince William and Middleton typically getting more favorable reviews than Prince Harry and Markle.

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, shared how he believes that Prince Harry and Markle may have “got off on the wrong foot,” telling LBC: “A lot of columnists were quite quick to say ‘oh look she’s an actress, she’s American, she’s got a million followers on Instagram, she’s not suitable.’”

He added: “There was even the use of the word ‘exotic’ in one column, which Harry took massively to heart. Here was a relationship that he was very serious about, and he simply didn’t want the scrutiny of the media to destroy and make it impossible.”

When Prince Harry issued a statement defending Markle, Larcombe believes it set the tone, noting: “I think from that moment on he issued a very, very strongly worded statement to the media to say ‘leave her alone etc. etc.’, I think that almost got off on the wrong foot.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton, by comparison, have welcomed media coverage, with Larcombe sharing: “Fast forward through when William and Kate got engaged, on the day they got engaged they held a reception for journalists.”

He continued, “Sure they didn’t want to do it but the point was they made the effort to meet the journalists, say ‘this is Kate’, talk to her, meet with her.”

Prince Harry and Markle have been slammed for trying to maintain privacy

Prince Harry, according to Larcombe, didn’t use to be as concerned with privacy, noting: “Harry always used to do that when you were on a royal tour with him, but on their engagement day the media were shut out.”

The author further noted that the limited interaction with the media continued, sharing: “On their wedding day they were shut out. On the day that Archie was born, they were not only shut out but slightly misled on what had actually happened. Then on the christening, we’re not even allowed to know, the public aren’t allowed to know, who they chose as godparents, for the seventh in line to the throne.”