Did Princess Diana Have a Daughter? The Conspiracy Theory Explained

The royals certainly aren’t strangers to outrageous rumors and conspiracy theories and now there’s a wild new claim that the late Princess Diana had a daughter.

Most people are aware that the Princess of Wales had two sons, Princes William and Harry, while she was married to Prince Charles. But a rumor has been circulating recently that the royal pair actually had a daughter as well. Here’s the story behind this shocking claim.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Kevin Larkin/ AFP/ Getty Images

The Globe published the story after speaking to a woman named Sarah who believes she is the princess’ daughter.

The tabloid claims that before marrying Prince Charles in 1981, then-Lady Diana Spencer had fertility tests to ensure that she could have children as she would be giving birth to a future monarch. That part of the story is more than likely true as it was reported at the time that Diana was indeed examined by Queen Elizabeth II‘s trusted surgeon-gynecologist, Dr. George Pinker.

The doctor was to make sure that the future princess did not have any “abnormalities that might preclude childbirth” and was still a virgin. The latter was also a big deal years ago for any woman wishing to marry into the royal family.

Historian Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills explained that “the rule has always been strictly observed for women marrying senior royals — it was a condition of marriage.”

Not only that but Diana’s close friend, Elsie, Lady Bowker, revealed that Diana actually told her: “I had to be checked out before they would let me marry him [Charles].”

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Pierre Verdy/ AFP/ Getty Images

So that part is believable but the story then goes on to make the claim that following Diana’s fertility testing another doctor allegedly kept one of her eggs and implanted it in his wife. His wife then had a baby girl, Sarah, in October 1981. Prince William wasn’t born until June 1982, which means if this story is true Sarah would be second in line to the throne behind Prince Charles.

The Globe also noted that growing up Sarah said she was always told she looked just like Princess Diana and it wasn’t until both of her parents were killed in a car accident that she learned she was a product of in vitro fertilization. Sarah then alleged that when she started looking for her birth mother and father she got threatening messages telling her to stop. She said she decided to move to the United States after that and that’s where she still lives today.

Of course, this story may sound like total fiction and something out of a movie to many, however, it did gain some interest as people had questions after it made the rounds on the internet. So as crazy as the claim may seem to some others believe it could very well be another dark secret the royal family is hiding. You be the judge.

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