Did Priyanka Chopra Encourage the Jonas Brothers to Reunite?

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas recently announced they were getting the band back together. The brothers, who were the popular trio known frankly as The Jonas Brothers, split up in 2013 after skyrocketing to fame back in 2006. But more than a decade after they first captured the hearts of every teen girl in the world, the band has announced an official reunion. Their newest song will be released at midnight on March 1. Nick Jonas, arguably the most famous brother, recently married actress Priyanka Chopra — was she behind the brothers’ reunion?

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The Jonas brothers had hits such as ‘Year 3000’ and ‘Lovebug’ back in the 2000s

The Jonas Brothers were a household name back in the 2000s, whether you wanted them to be or not. And one of their catchiest and most well-known songs was the boppy hit called “Year 3000,” which detailed a literal trip to the year 3000 (and mentioned that the Jo-Bros had become more famous than Kelly Clarkson by then). They were also known for quiet, romantic songs such as “Lovebug.” The trio saw an unbelievable amount of fame in a short amount of time; today, they’re still worth a combined $50 million.

They went their separate ways for six years after splitting up

Although the brothers always remained close, the band wasn’t meant to last forever (or so they thought). In 2013, the trio officially announced that they’d be going their separate ways. Nick wanted to pursue a singing career of his own, and he ended up seeing the most success of any of the brothers. He had hits such as “Chains” “Jealous” and “Levels.” Joe Jonas also went on to form his own group, DNCE, and their biggest hit was “Cake By the Ocean.” Kevin married his longtime girlfriend Danielle and opted to lay low while his brothers continued making music.

Nick married Priyanka Chopra, who was thrilled to announce the group was getting back together

In December 2018, Nick’s biggest dream came true when he married the woman he’d been obsessed with for a couple years: Priyanka Chopra. Although it seemed like the two had a whirlwind romance, Nick had been trying to get her attention since 2016. They finally began dating in May 2018 and were married by December 2018. But now that the two are married, they’ve become extra supportive of one another. And Priyanka was very excited to announce the Jonas Brothers’ newest song release. She posted a photo on Instagram to express how proud she is of both her husband and the band’s reunion.

With Priyanka’s career seeing a lot of success, Nick likely felt now was a better time than ever to relaunch the band

Priyanka and Nick were recently in Los Angeles for the premiere of her new movie, Isn’t It Romantic, and he shared how proud he was of his wife and the entire cast. And now, Priyanka has returned the favor.  Part of marriage is encouraging one another to take chances, and although the brothers had been discussing a reunion since before Priyanka and Nick started dating, Priyanka was likely the one to give Nick that final push to record the newest single with his band. The two appear to have a very supportive relationship, and it looks like Priyanka is just as excited as her husband to see where the Jonas Brothers go next.

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