Did Queen Elizabeth Ban Kate Middleton’s Lavish Lifestyle?

When Kate Middleton was growing up, she may not have lived in a royal palace as her husband did, but that does not mean that she didn’t live comfortably. When Kate was young, her parents created a successful party supply company that ended up making them multi-millionaires.

Throughout her childhood, she never really wanted for anything. Her parents were able to give her and her siblings the kind of life that most people can only dream about. By the time that she was a young adult, she had grown accustomed to visiting the hottest clubs, eating at the finest restaurants, and going on lavish vacations all over the world. 

While everyone knows that the royal family is far from poverty-stricken, that doesn’t mean that they like to flaunt their wealth in the faces of others. So, having a future granddaughter-in-law that had no problem with showing off how much money she had was obviously a little worrying to Queen Elizabeth II.

So, how did the queen handle Kate’s extravagant spending? Did she make Kate abandon her lavish lifestyle before she would agree to let William marry Kate? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.

What did the queen think about Kate’s lifestyle before she married Prince William?

Kate Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Samir Hussein/WireImage

When William and Kate first started dating, they were constantly being spotted enjoying themselves at ski resorts and staying at five-star hotels. While this seemed like innocent fun, the queen was starting to get a bit annoyed about their extravagant outings.

In 2008, when the country went into a recession, the queen really started to get frustrated with Kate’s spending habits. Queen Elizabeth II felt that Kate’s “frivolous displays of wealth,” were perceived by the public to be rude and make Kate look as if she was not empathetic to what the other citizens of Great Britain was currently going through.

The queen felt that by Kate disregarding the country’s financial crisis made it look as if the entire royal family did not care either.

How Queen Elizabeth II helped to improve Kate Middleton’s image

Although the Queen did criticize Kate’s spending habits, she had also given her some sound advice in order to make her look more empathetic to the people in the UK. She had suggested that Kate should volunteer at a local charity. Soon after that, Kate had become very active in Starlight, which is an organization that helps terminally ill children.

After Kate had gotten involved with starlight, she then moved on to work with several other charitable organizations. Today, Kate is a part of several different royal patronages.

What is Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton’s relationship like today?

Kate and William were thought to have been together for around five years before Kate had ever even officially met the queen. While there relationship may have been a bit strained or awkward at the time, they have since gotten to know each other on a much personal level and they seem to genuinely like each other. 

In a recent documentary, entitled, Our Queen at NinetyKate had reminisced about the many royal engagements that she and the queen had attended together. “The most memorable engagement for me was an away-day to Leicester. I went without William so I was rather apprehensive about that…She was very supportive.”

Kate had then gone on to say that throughout the engagement, the queen continued to look after Kate and make sure that she was comfortable and happy.

Kate has come a long way since officially becoming a member of the royal family. She looks more relaxed whenever she is obligated to attend certain royal functions and she seems to have a very good relationship with William’s entire family, including his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.