Did Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles Want to Take Princess Diana’s Title Away?

Princess Diana was possibly the most beloved member of the royal family ever to grace a magazine cover. The beautiful royal was known for her grace, style, and habit of engaging on a real level with everyone that crossed her path.

While the public’s love and admiration for Princess Diana never wavered, her contentious relationship with many other members of the royal family was legendary. This difficult relationship was strained even more following her divorce from Prince Charles

Princess Diana often butted heads with other royals

From the very beginning, Princess Diana didn’t fit in with the rest of the royal family. Although she was from the distinguished Spencer family, she still felt as though the glamorous, rigid palace life was quite foreign to her. Although there’s little doubt that she loved Prince Charles, some reports indicate that she didn’t want to marry him, especially after she found out about his longtime relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. Still, as a young woman of 19, Diana Spencer went through with the much-publicized wedding and became forever known as Princess Diana.

While Prince Charles and Princess Diana went on to have two adorable boys that they both clearly loved, they continued to experience problems within their marriage. Prince Charles refused to end his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, which caused Princess Diana great emotional distress. It wasn’t just the marriage that was suffering – the entire royal family wasn’t pleased with the way that Princess Diana communicated with the public and the press. Reportedly, her more casual attitude when it came to public engagements didn’t sit well with the queen, as did her habit of often hugging people. The royal family traditionally kept their distance from the public and didn’t make it a practice to touch commoners.

Over the years, tensions escalated. Prince Charles and Princess Diana eventually decided to legally separate, but to still stay married in name only for the sake of their children. However, when Princess Diana gave a television interview where she openly spoke about Prince Charles’ affair with Bowles, the pot boiled over, and Queen Elizabeth demanded that they divorce

Did Prince Charles want her title stripped away?

Divorce was not common in the royal family at all, and the news made headlines around the world. While the tabloids raged and published a steady stream of stories detailing Prince Charles’ affair, and the strength of the royal family’s feelings against Princess Diana, the palace was also in an uproar. The divorce proceedings between Prince Charles and Princess Diana turned bitter when he insisted that she lose all rights to use her title. 

This was big news for several reasons – apparently, Queen Elizabeth didn’t mind Prince Charles’ former wife keeping the title of Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales. However, Prince Charles was dead set against Princess Diana keeping the title. Stripping away her title meant that Princess Diana would have to curtsy to any member of the royal family that she encountered in public, including her sons, as well as giving up any future claim to the throne. Reportedly, Princess Diana was humiliated by this but didn’t seem to have much choice in the matter. Following their divorce, she would officially become known as Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Sadly, Princess Diana passed away less than a year following the finalization of their divorce. While she didn’t get the chance to watch her sons grow up and start their own families, both of her sons keep her memory alive in the way that they interact with the public and their fans, and the dedication that they share for making the world a better place.