Did Queen Elizabeth Really Ban Any Mention Of Meghan Markle After Balmoral Snub?

Meghan Markle has created quite the stir after snubbing Queen Elizabeth’s invitation to Balmoral — or so we’ve been told. Inside sources claim that Her Majesty was so furious about the snub that she banned the mere mention of Markle and her husband, Prince Harry. But are the reports about Elizabeth true?

Queen Elizabeth Meghan Markle
Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle | Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth reacts to Meghan Markle’s snub

An inside source close to the royal family claims that Elizabeth refuses to talk about Markle and Harry. Anyone who is around Elizabeth is told to steer the conversation away from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and avoid any mention of them.

According to Express, Quentin Letts, an expert on the royal family, says that palace officials are warning people about discussing Markle in front of Elizabeth. Any other topic of conversation is game, but Elizabeth apparently has zero interest in mentioning the Sussexes.

The reports come amid rumors of a growing feud within the ranks of the royal family. In light of their recent snub, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly “disappointed” by Harry and Markle’s behavior over the past year.

The monarch allegedly thinks the two have been acting out ever since they tied the knot and wishes they would be better representatives of the royal family.

Markle reportedly snubbed Elizabeth’s invitation to spend a few weeks at Balmoral, where Her Majesty spends her summers. Instead of accepting the invite, Markle jetted off to New York to watch Serena Williams play tennis at the US Open.

Did Queen Elizabeth really ban mentioning Meghan Markle?

The royal family has not commented on the feud rumors and little evidence has surfaced to back up the claims. Markle and Harry have also been hammered by scandals over the past few months, making it even more difficult to separate the truth from fiction.

On the outside looking in, there has been very little indication that Elizabeth is upset with the Sussexes. Harry has always had a good relationship with his grandmother, so it would be surprising if they are not getting along.

There is also the fact that Harry and Markle recently moved to Frogmore cottage so that they could live closer to Queen Elizabeth. If they really were at odds with each other, Frogmore is the last place Harry and Markle would want to be.

That said, Markle’s trip to New York did not do the couple any favors. If anything, it bolstered the reports that the former actress snubbed Elizabeth’s invite. Unless the couple addresses the rumors straight away, they will likely continue to heat up.

Inside Harry and Markle’s scandals

Although the move to Frogmore brought them closer to Elizabeth, it also sparked a major controversy. Taxpayers were in an uproar after finding out that Harry and Markle spent over $2.5 million in renovations.

The vast majority of the renovation was paid by taxpayers, though the couple did fit the bill for some of the work.

Following the renovations scandal, Harry and Markle took some heat when they decided to keep Archie’s christening private. To make matters worse, they also didn’t reveal the identities of Archie’s godparents.

Instead, Harry and Markle shared some photos from the event on social, images many fans felt were a little too professional.

Why did Harry and Markle skip Balmoral?

Turns out, Markle and Harry already had plans when they got invited to Balmoral by Queen Elizabeth. The former Suits star was already planning on supporting Williams at the tennis tournament in New York while Harry was busy with a new initiative.

Prince Harry is working on the launch of his new project, Travalyst. To that end, Harry has been spending a lot of time in Amsterdam and recently gave a speech in honor of his new endeavor.

The Sussexes are also gearing up for their big tour of South Africa, which is scheduled to happen this fall. The trip will be the couple’s first as a family of three.

While the two are taking a lot of heat for missing Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral, it’s a safe bet that they will keep their schedules open next year to avoid a similar scandal.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not addressed the rumors surrounding their alleged snub.