Did ‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Fake Her Marriage to Marc Daly? Nene Leakes Thinks So!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes believes something is fishy about Kenya Moore’s marriage to Marc Daly. Amid their growing feud, Leakes reportedly believes that Moore faked her marriage to create a storyline for the show and ultimately get her peach back. With season 12 of RHOA right around the corner, how did Moore react to Leakes’ bombshell claims?

RHOA Kenya Moore fake marriage
‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore and Marc Daly | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore feuding during season 12 of ‘RHOA’

Sources from the set of RHOA claim that Leakes and Moore fought hard while filming the new season. The main source of their beef was Moore’s marriage to Daly, which ended amid reports of an affair. But as far as Leakes is concerned, the entire union was a total sham.

“She called her out on her shady marriage and divorce, and Kenya lost her mind,” an insider revealed. “NeNe has absolutely nothing to say to Kenya anymore.”

According to All About The Tea, the source revealed that Leakes has been unsure about Moore’s relationship with Daly for years. The doubts started after the RHOA star got secretly hitched to Daly and refused to even say his name on camera.


The secrecy is why Moore was only invited back as a guest the following season. She was given her peach back for season 12 because she promised to let cameras film her personal life, including her journey as a new mother.

Now that Kenya Moore’s marriage is over, Leakes believes her suspicions are validated — and she isn’t afraid to let Moore know exactly how she feels.

The source added that Leakes and Moore got into two major fights during filming. In one of their bouts, Leakes threw some serious shade when she told Moore that she could not divorce someone who wasn’t her real husband.

The drama heats up during the cast trip to Greece

Leakes wasn’t the only person who had issues with Moore in season 12. During the cast trip to Greece, a few cast members confronted Moore about her abrupt breakup from Daly. Some of the women allegedly told Moore that she was faking things for the camera and that her divorce was very confusing.

Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey came to Moore’s rescue, but there wasn’t much they could do in the face of the scandal.

Kenya Moore and Daly called it quits towards the end of September. The explosive fight that ended their marriage was captured by Bravo cameras and is expected to make it onto the show.

As fans will recall, the couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony in 2017. Bravo was not happy about being left in the dark, and producers demoted Moore because she refused to allow Daly to appear in front of the cameras.

Fans will see a lot more of Daly this season, though it does not sounds like we will learn why their marriage did not work out. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding their divorce, so hopefully, we learn a little more about what really went down this season.

Kenya Moore claps back

While we wait to hear more from Leakes, Moore addressed the rumors surrounding their feud in season 12. Without discussing anything about the divorce, the RHOA star revealed that her presence on the show is why Leakes has been losing control of her emotions.

According to Too Fab, Moore admitted that she does not understand why Leakes is threatened by her, but she hopes that her co-star gets some counseling in the near future.

“The mere presence of me makes her lose control over herself. I mean, she comes undone. Honey, she comes undone,” Moore shared. “She has some major issues and I think she really needs to seek counseling for that. A lot of counseling.”

Moore and Leakes, of course, have a history of fighting that dates all the way back to 2012. Although Moore only appeared as a guest last season, Leakes still called her out for being a total “monster” during a party.

There is no telling what will happen between Leakes and Moore in season 12, but it sounds like we are in for some pretty epic battles.

Moore also noted that she believes there will be a day when she and Leakes are friendly towards each other. Although she is open to being cordial, Kenya Moore does not think she will ever consider Nene Leakes a friend, which is not too surprising.

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is scheduled to premiere November 3 on Bravo.