Did Scott Disick Already Propose to Sofia Richie?

Scott Disick is best known as Kourtney Kardashian’s ex. He’s the father of her children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Despite the fact that he’s not with Kourtney anymore, he still pops up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians every now and then, mostly to stir up trouble. 

Now that he and Kourtney are no longer together, Disick is changing his status from Kourtney’s ex to Sofia Richie’s new man. The two seem serious, but considering Disick never tied the knot with Kourtney after 10 years and three kids, fans would be surprised if Richie and Disick were already engaged. 

According to a report in Star, Disick proposed to Richie on her birthday. Are the rumors true?

Scott Disick hasn’t put a ring on it 

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie | Presley Ann/Getty Images

Star may need to check it’s sources. It seems very unlikely that Disick has proposed to Richie, or that he will anytime soon. The same site published a story just a few months ago claiming Disick and Richie were about to break up. That article claimed that Richie wanted children, but Disick didn’t want any more kids. The two obviously weren’t headed for a breakup. 

This latest rumor was reported by an ‘insider,’ according to Star, but the facts don’t add up. They claim that Kylie Jenner, Richie’s best friend, was the only one to know about the engagement. She was on board with keeping it under wraps, to hide it from Kourtney.  

From what we know about the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, they don’t put friends above family. Kylie publicly broke up with and ostracized her ex friend Jordyn Woods over her cheating with Tristan Thompson, Khloe’s boyfriend. It doesn’t seem like she would be on board with betraying Kourtney that way. These girls mostly stick together.

Kourtney and Disick are probably done for good

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Fans are still dying for Disick and Kourtney to get back together, but that seems less and less likely. Although she and Disick had a rocky relationship for the 10 years they were together, they’ve been separated since 2017. It seems like at this point they’ve probably separated for good.

According to the so-called insider who leaked the rumor, the reason Disick doesn’t want his proposal public is because he doesn’t want to hurt Kourtney’s feelings. A lot of fans think that doesn’t make sense. Kourtney and Disick are on good terms. Kourtney is friends with Richie, her sister’s bestie. She would have no reason to be upset about an engagement. 

Disick and Richie may make more sense as a couple

Kourtney and Disick are at pretty different places in their lives. The two met at a house party, and while Kourtney has grown into a great mom, Disick has been slower to mature. He admits it, and even names the fact that he’s too attached to his party image as the reason he and Kourtney couldn’t work it out. It may be that he needed time away to really work on his issues. 

Now that he knows how his behavior impacted his relationship with Kourtney, he may be able to do better with his current girlfriend. Disick has a chance to make a fresh start with Richie. She’s younger, at only 21. There’s a significant age difference, but maybe that means the two can mature together. It’s unfortunate that didn’t happen with Kourtney, but now they can focus on being good co-parents. The two seem to be doing okay at it so far.

Richie and Disick aren’t engaged now, but if they are in the future, hopefully they can find happiness.