Did Sonja Morgan From ‘RHONY’ Really Paint Her New Apartment Pink?

Viewers finally got a sneak peek of Sonja Morgan’s new pad on the season premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City.

The socialite turned businesswoman wrestled with leaving her gorgeous Lenox Hill townhouse for years. As much as she wanted to sell her five-bedroom home, she ultimately rented it and managed to get the full asking price of $32,000 a month.

Sonja Morgan | Getty Images

Now, Morgan is settled into her new digs in Columbus Circle. She had to downsize, but Morgan seems to have accomplished what appeared to be the impossible. There was one sticking point with the new pad–what color to paint the walls. She discussed painting the apartment pink with pal Ramona Singer. So…did she?

Singer was not down with pink

Singer met Morgan at her apartment and got the grande tour. Morgan says in a confessional interview how much lighter she feels in the new space. Plus she goes to the park every morning to walk her dog.

She then launches into her decorating ideas. “Let me tell you this,” Morgan explains to Singer. “The kid wants pink and I kept saying ‘no pink.'” Morgan gestures around the main part of the apartment saying her daughter wants it all painted pink.

Immediately Singer shakes her head. “No,” she says. “You aren’t painting it pink. No! No! I forbid it.” As Morgan shows Singer the samples of pink paint she’s selected, Singer says, “No, gross.” Morgan adds that the doors will be black too. “Pink walls with lacquer black or navy doors,” Singer queries in a confessional interview. “No. I’d get a headache visiting her there.”

Get the Advil ready!

Recently Morgan gave Bravo a video tour of her decked out pad. And yes, she painted it pink. Pretty much the entire space. Her kitchen features stainless steel appliances and a sparkly, pearled tiled backsplash. The cabinets are all white with chrome handles. She explains she likes how the kitchen is clean and petite (and manageable).

Most of Morgan’s upholstery is white, which is a nice compliment to her soft pink walls. Her large sofa provides ample seating for guests, plus she has a working fireplace too.

She also has a lovely balcony space where she can greet the morning with some coffee and watch the hustle of the city below. She notes that she had a beautiful garden at the townhouse. Morgan’s new balcony space is also filled with greenery, which provides a comfortable, lush area.

But the entire place isn’t pink

During the episode, Morgan said she wanted to paint her bedroom yellow, but said people told her the color wasn’t flattering. Her assistant said that yellow reminded her of an old lady. “Which you’re not,” her assistant quickly adds. Yikes.

So guess what? Morgan went with a peaceful blue shade for her bedroom. The shade is the perfect compliment to her bedding and furniture. During the RHONY episode, Morgan had just moved into the apartment so the blinds in her bedroom were not yet installed. So she and her assistant duct taped some towels over the windows to squash the light and reduce onlookers from peeping into her windows. Pretty handy!

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