Did Sony Copy This Idea From Disney’s ‘Avenger: Endgame’ to Make More Money?

If you already think Marvel has more money than the U.S. Treasury, you might be almost right. When you hear Sony is re-releasing one of Marvel’s big summer blockbusters to inflate the box office, it might also bring the thought of being nothing but a cash grab.

Well, there may be some arguments there to the affirmative, though let’s see why Sony might be doing this. They’ll be re-releasing Spider-Man: Far From Home on August 29 with an additional four minutes of footage, reportedly with a new action sequence.

Spider-Man | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

No doubt some of you saw the re-release of Avengers: Endgame and wondered why Marvel was trying to entice people to see it again just for a post-credits scene.

Far From Home’s re-release might have Sony/Marvel being called out for excess, but maybe because Marvel and Sony may soon part ways.

What’s the point to re-releasing ‘Far From Home’?

One thing you can easily argue is most Marvel fans already saw Far From Home this last July. They’re much like Star Wars fans who stay loyal and bring in the most box office early, followed by maybe a repeated viewing.

Adding a few minutes of extra footage arguably won’t excite the most diehard fans since they know the film will be on Blu-Ray by October 1. Only the last remaining holdouts who hadn’t seen FFH will be the ones who go see the re-release for that extra action sequence.

Or will the diehard fans really go and spend an extra movie ticket for four minutes of added footage? In the times we live, it seems theoretically less likely since many families are already forsaking the movie theater due to rising ticket prices.

Then again, we do have to call out one undeniable fact: Endgame did finally breaking the Avatar box office record thanks to the summer re-release.

Marvel/Sony may be out to sustain interest rather than shatter box office records

From the outset, it might look like a cheap shot to add a mere few minutes of extras to a re-release. To a loyal Marvel fan, that can sometimes mean a lot, even if the jury’s still out. We don’t have any Marvel polling system to determine one way or the other.

Yet, the post-credits footage during the re-release of Endgame pushed the box office numbers to finally surpass Avatar in late July. Not that many media analysts didn’t point to the real reason behind this re-release: It wasn’t to shatter box office records. It was to keep Marvel in the marketing forefront.

More so, you can argue the re-release was meant as a new marketing tactic to help Far From Home since it featured a post-credits preview for the film.

If all Marvel post-credits scenes have helped promote a future MCU release, Marvel might begin re-releasing a recent movie to help build anticipation for a new one arriving weeks later.

Preventing complacency by using the “Bring Back” method

Those of you who pay attention to how marketing works know retargeting is a new online tactic where a site tracks your actions and “retargets” you with similar ads when you visit other websites.

You could say Marvel is doing a similar tactic in the movie industry. The “Bring Back” event method is when a film is re-released with an inexpensive and minimal amount of extras to keep the marketing machine going.

Maybe all marketing can’t be done anymore without looking like a cheap attempt at grabbing your money. Marvel and Sony are probably just doing this to ward off any sense of complacency, if not Sony trying to cash in before they split from Marvel after reportedly failing to make a financing deal. They know fans can be fickle and perhaps lessen the opening box office potential for a new film going in new directions.

Since this Far From Home re-release is distributed through Sony, there’s still a little bit of a difference with the one from Endgame. Regardless, the real marketing may have to be a future compromise on providing more substantial footage for re-releases to keep on-the-fence fans on-board for MCU Phase Four.