Did ‘Southern Charm’ Star Austen Kroll Get Together With Ex Madison LeCroy During Colorado Trip?

Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy ended their relationship recently amid some pretty damning accusations of infidelity. LeCroy had video evidence to boot, recorded by one of the two women who stayed over at Kroll’s place in the video. It was a tumultuous relationship — the infidelity accusations weren’t relegated to just one side. 

Now, Austen Kroll is admitting that on a trip to Colorado with his Southern Charm castmates, he hooked up with Madison LeCroy. Here’s how it went down. 

Austen Kroll’s cheating scandal 

In an incredibly compromising video, Southern Charm star Austen Kroll is caught on camera seemingly having just spent the night with two women in his room. Madison LeCroy is in Kroll’s living room, accusing him of cheating on her while Kroll defends himself in his boxer briefs. The video was recorded by one of the women who spent the night. 

One of the women claims that they didn’t sleep with Kroll. LeCroy fires back with, “So then why are your panties lying by the bed?!”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kroll tried to explain himself. “So, I guess what I can say is that was very early on [in our relationship]. [That was] Madison and I trying to figure out what we were. We both hadn’t done the, you know, ‘you’re my girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend’ talk, right?” said Kroll.

Kroll’s reaction on the video certainly doesn’t paint him in a positive light as he repeatedly calls LeCroy crazy while surrounded by two women who just spent the night. 

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, LeCroy said she took advantage of the incident. LeCroy told Andy Cohen, “I said, ‘Well it looks to me like a hall pass. I can do whatever.”

A Colorado tryst

Austen Kroll
Austen Kroll | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

According to Austen Kroll, he and Madison LeCroy got physical during their trip to Colorado with their Southern Charm castmates. Kroll said he was nervous about seeing LeCroy again for the first time in a while. 

Kroll told Us Weekly, “Were Madison and I talking? A little bit prior to the trip, yeah. But we hadn’t really seen each other much, so I was kind of nervous, excited to see her because we were going to be on a trip with our friends so if we can’t act right here, then where can we act right? … But everyone’s face, I mean, for God’s sakes, it was like Ashley [Jacobs] just frikkin’ walked in the freaking room.”

Craig Conover went on to add, “We didn’t know how it was gonna go because we didn’t know how secretive they were being, if they were still talking or not, and we were all kind of waiting for the moment that they saw each other. Which was kind of goofy and made me laugh, but it was funny.”

Kroll then went on to reveal that he and LeCroy “ended up in bed together.”

Are they back together?

Now, Southern Charm fans are wondering if the couple might be back on following Season 6. Kroll told Us, “Honestly, there is so much more of the season left and a lot more happens, and I think you just need to watch and see how that all unfolds. But, you have most certainly not seen the last of Austen and Madison.”

Add to that a recent Instagram post by Craig Conover that showed the two riding bikes together, and fans think love might be back on the table.