Did the Coronavirus Pandemic Halt ‘The Flash’ Production?

The events of Crisis that occurred on The Flash and all across the Arrowverse in 2019 were shocking. Entire worlds were wiped out, and loved ones were lost. As distressing as the outcome was for the fictional characters, the fallout from the make-believe Crisis pales in comparison to the coronavirus pandemic that is happening in the real world. In response to guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, many television and film production companies have ceased working indefinitely.

The Flash
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Has ‘The Flash’ suspended production?

The Flash is one of many series that has halted production for the time being, according to Deadline. The news outlet quoted the unit manager as saying production would be shut down “until further notice” due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to CNN, the CDC recommends canceling or postponing assemblies of 50 or more for the next eight weeks. By doing that, the agency aims to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In the interest of public health, The Flash has put production on hold. The full ramifications of suspending production during the current season of the show remain to be seen.

How will halting production on ‘The Flash’ affect Season 6?

The Flash stopped production in the middle of Season 6, which may impact the way the rest of the story plays out. Season 6 Episode 14, ‘The Death of the Speed Force,’ aired on March 10 and was supposed to kick off seven weeks of new episodes through April 21, according to episodecalendar.com.

With production on hold, the timeline for airing new episodes has changed. According to TVGuide.com, instead of premiering a new installment, The CW will air an encore on March 24. Fans can only hope that the season will merely be delayed rather than cut short.

Which storylines need to be wrapped up by the season finale?

Many questions still need to be answered this season on The Flash. Season 6 Episode 15 airs on March 17. A sneak peek of the episode teases that Team Flash will attempt to create an artificial Speed Force to make sure that The Flash can preserve his super speed.

In other news, their new prisoner in the Pipeline claims to be Nash Wells, but they suspect that he is actually Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, whose appearance is identical to Nash.

Meanwhile, the episode promo hints that the Scarlet Speedster will indeed face off with Reverse-Flash. Desperate to maintain his speed, Barry floats the idea of using a booster, which a concerned Caitlin calls “speed steroids.”

These threads are important to the overall fabric of the season, but there are still many points to be covered in the back end of Season 6. Will Iris escape from the Mirror Dimension? Will Eva’s nefarious motives be discovered? How will the suspicious cases of arson shake out? Will Sue return? It is anyone’s guess if production will resume in time to tie up these loose ends in Season 6.

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