Did the New ‘Counting On’ Trailer Just Prove That Jana Duggar is About to Announce a Courtship?

There’s been a ton of speculation on why exactly Jana Duggar isn’t married yet. After all, the 29-year-old is well past the age that most Duggar daughters find a man and settle down to start having babies. Some fans speculate she’s being picky. Others believe she has a bigger secret – like maybe she’s not interested in men, period.

Jana Duggar’s twin brother John-David is obviously the same age as she and he just got married to Abbie Burnett in November 2018. But still, the standards are different for men than they are for women… especially in the Duggar household.

Sources have been speculating on Jana’s relationship status for years and so far, they’ve been disappointed when no new information comes to light. However, one recent development may mean that Jana is finally about to announce a courtship.

The ‘Counting On’ trailer mentions a big announcement

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Posted by Counting On on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

TLC Network recently teased a new Counting On trailer in advance of the February 11, 2019 season premiere. In it, the Duggars all seem surprised when they hear about a “big announcement” in the family, and there’s a shot of Jana confirming the news is about her. Could it be that Jana is finally going to announce her long-awaited courtship plans?

Remember, in the Duggar family there’s no such thing as dating. The young adults only engage in relationships that would potentially lead to marriage. If Jana is indeed entering a courtship, then an engagement announcement and another Duggar wedding will be on the horizon soon. This could easily all happen within the year.

But the trailer isn’t the only reason fans think Jana might be courting. Another big clue tipped them off recently, too.

Jana Duggar joined Instagram

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Signing up for an Instagram account isn’t usually that big of a deal. But when it comes to the Duggar family, this seemingly innocent move could provide insight into what’s going on in their personal lives.

Perceptive fans notice that Duggar girls don’t typically join Instagram unless they’re about to announce a courtship. Of course, this may just be a coincidence, but it is still very interesting timing. Why is Jana suddenly joining Instagram now?

Jana’s sister Jessa addressed the Instagram rumors outright. “Haha! That’s been merely coincidence for some,” Jessa said. “Definitely not a prerequisite. She’s not in a relationship.” Then again, there’s a chance she didn’t know about Jana’s mystery relationship. The trailer for Counting On made it clear that the big reveal would be a surprise for all members of the Duggar clan.

She may be getting cozy with family friend Lawson Bates

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01 • 24 • 19 . : @tarynyager

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The Duggars meet their spouses in all sorts of different places. One thing that they have in common? All the Duggar children so far have married other individuals who share the same Christian faith and values.

After Jana Duggar joined Instagram, fans immediately noticed a few flirty comments exchanged between the eldest Duggar daughter and Lawson Bates. The two have a lot in common – like coming from families with 19 children (which is not so common). However, they’ve denied any romantic involvement.

Will this be Jana’s year for a big courtship announcement? It may be!