Did ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Suggest She Feels Totally Burned Out?

She may not have the longest tenure on the Food Network, but there’s no doubt fans love Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman. Drummond is the “accidental country girl” who ended up living near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, after marrying her cowboy husband, Ladd. They have an adorable love story that fans adore. And while Drummond may have never anticipated living in the middle of nowhere, it’s clear she could never imagine herself anywhere else now.

Drummond has it all — a loving husband, four great kids, and her own empire of successful business endeavors. Unfortunately, a recent blog post of hers suggests that she may be stretching herself too thin. Is she completely burnt out? Here’s what she wrote.

Ree Drummond is a busy mother of four with multiple businesses beyond her show

Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hearst

She may seem humble and just like the rest of us, but we can’t forget that Ree Drummond is in charge of a multimillion-dollar business empire. She first attained fame through The Pioneer Woman blog which is still running today. And while the blog was originally all about life on the ranch, she proved her cooking prowess with her delicious recipes she also included on the site. After her blog took off, she was noticed by the Food Network and offered her show of the same name.

Now, Drummond has her own line of products, and she and Ladd seem to be keeping the small town of Pawhuska booming with their tourist attractions. They own The Mercantile, which is a multi-level store that includes a restaurant and bakery within, and they also operate their “cowboy luxury” hotel called The Boarding House. Aside from her businesses, Drummond has also mentioned before that she homeschooled her children, and two of them are still living under her roof.

She just explained that she lets herself run on empty quite often

We get glimpses into Drummond’s life via her food show, but it’s on her blog where she dares to get really personal. And she recently made a confession about the way she goes through life. “I’ll tell you what else sets everything aright, at least for me: Uninterrupted time at home,” she wrote. And she then went on to explain that her “uninterrupted” time to herself is how she refuels.

Unfortunately, it seems Drummond’s go-getter attitude and constant need to be working on projects has gotten the better of her in the past. She further explained in her blog entry that Ladd teases her for never filling her car completely with gas — and she realized this was symbolic of the way she goes through life. “I drive until I’m just about out of gas, then hurriedly stop and add just enough fuel to get me through the next day or two,” she started. “Not to be all symbolic—and actually, scratch that; this is completely symbolic: I realized the other day that I often take that same approach with myself.”

Drummond is allowing herself uninterrupted time to refuel

While Drummond noted how she’s often running on fumes, the blog post did have some other uplifting information — and that’s that she’s learning how to take long breaks for herself. She even mentioned that she’s currently in a seven- to eight-week break that she specifically marked off on her calendar. “Not that I haven’t been working during this time (hello, cookbook!) but it was a (slightly aggressive) reminder to myself not to fill these calendar days anything — filming, travel, events — that would take me away from home, so that I could enjoy the things that I knew would be going on during this block of time,” she explained.

This “long pit stop,” as she calls it, seems to be a new staple she’s incorporating into her life as a reminder to refuel. “Funny correlation, but the vehicle/fuel analogy really helps me see the value in taking this long pit stop this summer,” she wrote. It seems this time at home has also given her ample time to complete her new cookbook. She noted she’s “so thankful that I’ve had this time at home to dig in and give it my all” — and we certainly can’t wait to see what Drummond is cooking up next.

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