Did This Music Industry Insider Just Reveal He’s Dating Adele?

Thanks to her successful singles about love and heartbreak, fans are intensely interested in Adele’s personal life. According to The Mirror, rumors are swirling that Adele is dating the American publicist Jonathan Hay. This raises the question – who is Hay and why do fans think Adele is dating him?

Adele | Phil McCarten/CBS via Getty Images

The life and times of Jonathan Hay

Although Hay might not be world famous, he is an important figure in the American music industry. AllMusic reports he promoted the single “Pon de Replay” by Rihanna, helping to catapult her into the spotlight. Hay has worked with famous musicians like Chuck D, Ice Cube, Mary J. Blidge, and Whitney Houston, in addition to releasing his own jazz records.

Despite his musical output, Hay hasn’t always been respected as a jazz musician. He told Insider Louisville he “kind of ran into some issues with the jazz purists, some, ‘This isn’t jazz.’ But you can’t just call it a jazz album and chart on Billboard. Billboard is the authority.”

He emphasized the musicianship in his music, saying “We’ll use keyboard and drum sequences, but then will combine it with the real music. When you listen to it, it’s real flutes, real sax, and we do live drums on top of the drum track.”

Adele in Los Angeles |Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

Having worked in the worlds of jazz and hip-hop, he compared the reception of the two genres. “Jazz has a lot of integrity, and it’s known for being musical, whereas hip-hop, still, especially around my family, is like, ‘Oh, it’s not real music.’ People always say that about hip-hop. It drives me crazy.”

Adele’s alleged relationship with Jonathan Hay

Hay made headlines when he said in an interview “I unexpectedly met the love of my life when I got off the elevator at the legendary Quad Studios – the same elevator that Tupac Shakur was shot in. It was an immediate and galvanising connection with her right in the heart of Times Square.”

Hay said “With a heavy British accent I was hanging on her every word and drawn into her every movement. I’ve been relentlessly courting her since.” Hay’s reference to a “heavy British accent” caused fans to speculate he was talking about Adele.

Adele in California | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

He added “It’s been magic. We also signed a record deal with [record label] Fat Beats and a major licensing agreement for our music. None of this happens if I didn’t meet and fall in love with this girl from London.” When asked to comment further, he said “Thanks for reaching out. I really can’t comment at the moment.”

An Adele/Jonathan Hay collaboration?

The rumor Adele is dating Hay opens up a world of possibilities. First of all, Adele is known for writing songs about her personal life. There’s a good chance, if she is dating Hay, he could inspire her to write songs. If their time together was as magical as rumor suggests, fans can expect the singer to write something beautiful and uplifting.

Perhaps Adele and Hay could collaborate musically. Hay has worked with artists in a similar wheelhouse, including Whitney Houston. Adele and Hay’s purported relationship could lead to some incredible music.