Did Trapt Fire Frontman, Chris Taylor Brown?

Early on Dec. 15, 2020, rumblings about a rift within the band, Trapt, began to traverse the internet. Quickly, reports surfaced that claimed Trapt had ousted founding member, Chris Taylor Brown. Original reports suggested that the rock act would continue on without him. A dramatic announcement appeared imminent, but it never came. Now, it looks like any talk of a firing was just a rumor. So, how did the rumor get started?

Where did the rumors that Chris Taylor Brown was axed from Trapt come from?

The rumors appeared to start when a Parler account posing as the band issued a lengthy statement announcing Brown’s departure. Several hours later, a second account, claiming to belong to Brown himself, replied, alleging that he was going to “sue” his bandmates and that they weren’t going to be able to succeed without him.

Chris Brown of Trapt during The Nokia T-Mobile Ramps & Amps Invitational
Chris Brown of Trapt | Carley Margolis/FilmMagic

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Fans largely assumed a real rift had happened, but that wasn’t the case. The accounts were both, allegedly, fake. Everything is, apparently, fine within the band, although their stance in the music community may be a different story. Brown has been causing a pretty big stir in recent months, and Trapt’s following may be dwindling because of it.

Chris Taylor Brown seemingly confirms that he is still a member of Trapt

It didn’t take long for media outlets to pick up on the Parler posts. The news spread quickly across the internet, but apparently, it was all rumors. Hours after the Parler posts were made, Brown took to the band’s official account to set the record straight. He claims both the post about his departure and the account that replied is fake.

Trapt visits the SiriusXM Studios on May 1, 2013 in New York City
Trapt | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Brown’s bandmates, Pete Charell, Brendan Hengle, and Adam Prentice, have not commented on the situation. They have remained relatively quiet as Brown has gone on rants on their band’s official social media profiles. All three members have personal Instagrams but have not mentioned Brown’s controversial musings.

Brown is causing some serious trouble for the band he helped found, though

While the Parler posts are allegedly fake, Brown has been causing serious trouble for his band as of late. Brown reportedly runs all of the band’s social media and has spent much of 2020 expressing his political views on every platform he can and threatening to sue those same platforms. The official Trapt Facebook page was deactivated over hate speech in November 2020, according to Spin. The band’s Instagram page was also suspended for the same reason.

Chris Brown of the rock band Trapt performs live during Crue Fest 2008 at the Verizon Wireless Music Center on July 18, 2008
Chris Brown | Joey Foley/FilmMagic

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Several weeks later, Twitter suspended Trapt’s official account, too. Twitter took action on the account after a flurry of tweets by Brown attempted to defend statutory rape. The band’s only existing social media presence is on Parler, which caters to those with conservative views. The bandmembers, outside of Brown, has no commented on the developing situation.