Did Wendy Williams and Howard Stern Just End Their Feud?

Earlier this year, two of the biggest names in the talk show entertainment industry went head to head in an ugly feud. These weren’t two meek and mild people that were throwing the occasional insult at each other either. This was Howard Stern and Wendy Williams that we are talking about here. Both can be known for their candid dialogue and hot-headed tempers.

For a while, things seemed to be pretty intense between Wendy and Howard. However, now the two look like they may be on the verge of finally making amends. So, is the feud between Wendy and Howard finally over? Here is what we know.

What were Wendy Williams and Howard Stern fighting over?

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

It all started when Howard announced on his radio show that he had written a new book called Howard Stern Comes Again. After Wendy heard about Howard’s new book, she went on her show and called and accused him of being too “Hollywood.”

“Howard, I love you,” Williams said into the camera. “But since you’ve gone Hollywood, everything you say is so predictable… He’s a Hollywood insider now, which sucks because you started like me, being of the people. But at some point, you sat behind the microphone for too long and now you are the people.”

For someone who she claims is so predictable, she sure seemed shocked about what happened next.

When Howard had caught wind of what Wendy had said about him, he was not happy at all. He went on his radio show and gave a very explicit rant about the daytime talk show host. According to Entertainment Tonight, Howard accused Wendy of being jealous of him and that she was basically saying negatives things about him because she wished she were more like him.

Howard started off his rant by saying, “You are nobody to me. You’ll never be me, Wendy. You’ll never be me. You can pretend to be me, you can pretend to be like me, but you’re not.”

In reference to him being “Hollywood,” Howard said: “What evidence do you have that I’m Hollywood, honey? I grew up a scumbag and I am still treated like a scumbag.” He then went on to say: “All she talks about is Hollywood. That’s as Hollywood as you get if anyone in Hollywood called her to hang out, she’d [be there] in two seconds. All of that is a projection.”

During his anger-fueled rant, nothing was off limits. He had even gone on to say some horrible things about her appearance, her failing marriage, and even her career.

Howard Stern saw Wendy Williams’ comment in a new light

When Howard first heard what Wendy had said about him, he wasted no time to tell everyone what he thought about Wendy. After all, you don’t get the title of “shock jock” by calmly think things through.

About two years ago, Howard had a cancer scare, and for a brief period, thought that he was going to die. His health crisis forced him to come face to face with the reality that life is precious. That may have also been what eventually made him take a step back and really evaluate the situation with Wendy. Once he did that, he realized that Wendy may not have been as out of line as he originally thought.

Recently, Howard sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his life, his career, and his health scare. One of the things that they had talked about was his fight with Wendy. Howard now says that he regrets what he said about the 54-year-old talk show host. “That was me at my worst,” Howard said in reference to his rant. “I thought she was saying that I was a piece of sh** and I sucked. But now, I don’t see it as an offense at all. If ‘Hollywood’ means that I’ve evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yeah, she hit the nail on the head.”

Wendy Williams takes the high road

Wendy had seen what Howard had said in The Hollywood Reporter and was quick to let her audience know that Howard’s apology did not change the way that she thought about him.

“Howard, I read the article of you on the front of The Hollywood Reporter and I saw that you mentioned me and that you apologized. Howard, you know what, if you never apologize to me on your life, you would still be one of the most influential people shaping my career..”

She then went on to praise Howard for taking his rant about her off of his show archives. Now that nobody will ever be able to listen to it again, hopefully, we can all put this behind us very soon.