Did You Know That Luke Danes Has His Own Coffee Company?

Luke Danes owns a coffee company. Okay, so it’s not actually Luke Danes. Instead, the actor who played the iconic diner owner owns a coffee company. Scott Patterson played the role of Luke Danes for all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and in the wildly popular Netflix revival. Patterson, however, wants everyone to know that his coffee has nothing to do with Gilmore Girls, and, in fact, it was his goal before the famed sitcom became a cult classic. His character’s occupation and the obsession with coffee in the show was just a happy coincidence.

Everything you need to know about Scott Patterson’s coffee company

Patterson might be best known for his acting prowess, but the famed star took a little break from Hollywood to craft a coffee company. Patterson, who is best known for his role as Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls, has added film and TV credits to his name each year since Gilmore Girls ended, but he’s been busy off-screen too.

In fact, the iconic actor has spent the last several years developing Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee. Now, two years into the business and sales have tripled. Patterson is also working on adding more flavors to his offerings, too. According to Pop Culture, Patterson is planning to add a cascara blend in the next month. A breakfast blend and a French roast option are currently available for sale through Amazon.

The coffee is reminiscent of Luke’s, though

While Patterson’s goal with Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee was to set himself apart from the iconic television character he played, he does admit that there are some similarities between his current business and what Luke was trying to do with his diner.

Patterson’s portrayal of Luke might have been so believable because he grew up around the scene. Patterson was raised in South Jersey, a region of New Jersey famed for its beaches and 24-hour diners. Patterson insists he loves diner coffee and misses it deeply. In creating Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee he tried to recapture the familiar taste of diner coffee with a bit more panache.

In 2017 Food & Wine sat down with Patterson to discuss the new venture. He said, “I spent my life in diners and I know diner coffee very well. I miss it and love it, and I don’t taste it anymore.” He went on to concede that consumers want something a bit more gourmet these days, but that he believes there is a way to combine the reliable flavor of diner coffee, with the more sophisticated tastes of today’s coffee drinkers.

Gilmore Girls popularity has only increased over the years

Gilmore Girls premiered 19 years ago last week. It was the first time television audiences were introduced to Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Sookie and Richard, and Emily. The opening scene depicts Lorelai desperately begging for coffee in Luke’s Diner. The closing scene of the same episode shows Lorelai and Rory sitting in the diner. 7 years later, fans would watch as Rory and Lorelai close out the show, also seated in the diner. Luke’s business became an additional character. While Gilmore Girls was wildly popular during its original run, it’s gaining even more momentum now.


Netflix is largely to thank for its current popularity. An entirely new generation of television viewers has been introduced to Gilmore Girls through the platform. Patterson has noticed the increased demand, too. He alleges he is recognized more regularly now and that those fans are younger than ever. That’s not a bad thing, either. Patterson notes that he has had to embrace the popularity of his grungy, grumpy diner-owner persona.