Will Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ Be a Musical?

The wait is almost over. We finally get to learn what’s next in Anna and Elsa’s story. On the first day of fall, Disney released another trailer to their Frozen sequel. With darker themes and even a magical water-horse creature, some fans are wondering if Frozen 2 will be a musical. Will Frozen 2 have songs? Here’s what we learned from an interview with cast member Josh Gad.

Disney's "Frozen"
Disney’s “Frozen” | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The original ‘Frozen’ featured a Golden Globe-nominated soundtrack

When Frozen premiered in 2013, fans fell in love with its characters and catchy soundtrack. Songs like “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love is an Open Door,” became instant Disney classics, each song earning millions of streams on Spotify. “Let It Go” was even nominated at the Golden Globes for Best Original Song – Motion Picture. The movie itself won the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture.

For the first time in forever, Disney is releasing a sequel to their blockbuster, Frozen. With darker trailers and themes in this upcoming sequel, some fans are wondering whether or not the movie will be a musical. Thanks to Josh Gad, we have a few hints regarding Frozen 2′s soundtrack.

Josh Gad confirmed that there are songs in the ‘Frozen’ sequel

One actor with a significant role in this upcoming film is Josh Gad, who voices the lovable snowman, Olaf. Thanks to Gad, fans learned more about this film, whether it be from hints about the poster on his Twitter account or through interviews. During one interview, Gad stated that the songs in this upcoming film are “even catchier” than the songs in the original Frozen.

“It’s done. Can I just say something outrageous? I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say this, but can I just say I think the songs are even better in this movie. Now I’ve set the bar so high, but they are so good. Bobby Lopez and Kristin Lopez, who wrote the original, they came back and did songs that are just [phenomenal]. That’s the big concern. How do you top those [Frozen] songs? They’re even catchier, I’m sorry to say,” Josh Gad said, according to Cinema Blend.

What is ‘Frozen 2’ about?

Disney’s original movie left fans with a few questions, most of them dealing with Elsa’s ice powers. Thanks to the new trailer, viewers learned that Elsa has to confront her past to protect Arendelle. There’s a rock monster, a horse creature, and a few new characters in an enchanted forest. The trailers for this sequel are a little bit dark and eerie, but fans are excited to see this addition to Anna, Elsa, and the gang’s story.

Frozen: building snowmen, bonding over chocolate, trolls that talk, cute duets,” wrote one Twitter user.Frozen 2: dark secrets, mysterious pasts, the kingdom is in danger, Elsa is walking into fire why is she walking into fire!”

Disney’s Frozen 2 premieres in the United States on Nov. 22, 2019. Until then, Frozen will be available for streaming on Disney Plus, starting on Nov. 12, 2019.