Self-Quarantined Disney Fans React to Watching ‘Onward’ for the First Time on Disney+

Even when things go wrong, we move onward. That’s one of the themes of Disney and Pixar’s latest release, the mystical and magical animated movie titled Onward. Now, this movie is available anytime, on any device, thanks to the Walt Disney Company’s streaming platform. Here’s what fans are saying about Onward and other movies listed in the Disney+ library.

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt of Disney and Pixar's ONWARD
Tom Holland and Chris Pratt of Disney and Pixar’s ONWARD | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Disney premiered Pixar’s ‘Onward’ on its streaming platform this April

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Walt Disney Company released this animated film on its streaming platform, Disney+. This wasn’t exactly a surprise for some subscribers, as the company debuted 2019’s Frozen 2 during February 2020, months ahead of schedule. 

Onward, however, was still playing in theaters when some fans started social distancing and self-quarantine. As a result, this movie became available for purchase digitally only weeks after its theatrical release. It premiered on Disney+ on April 3. 

“While we’re looking forward to audiences enjoying our films on the big screen again soon, given the current circumstances, we are pleased to release this fun, adventurous film to digital platforms early for audiences to enjoy from the comfort of their home,” said Onward director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae in a statement.

World premiere of Disney and Pixar's ONWARD at the El Capitan Theatre
World premiere of Disney and Pixar’s ONWARD at the El Capitan Theatre | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Disney fans shared their excitement for new Disney+ releases, including ‘Onward’

Onward stars the voice acting on Avengers: Endgame alumni, Tom Holland (Ian Lightfoot) and Chris Pratt (Barley Lightfoot.) Together, these brothers embark on a glorious quest for the chance to have one more day with their father. Viewers responded to Onward’s Disney+ release on social media, supporting Disney, Pixar, and their animated film.

“I didn’t think another Disney/Pixar movie could make me as emotional as Coco made me but I just watched Onward and,” one Twitter user wrote, sharing a picture of someone crying.

“Hello, just wanted to come on here to say GO WATCH… #ONWARD ON DISNEY+ TODAY. The movie is soooo good and needs extra love since it had to be taken out of theaters due to the pandemic, WE OWE IT SO MUCH LOVE,” another Twitter user said.

Disney+ released ‘Onward,’ in addition to a few new Disneynature specials and television show episodes 

In addition to Onward, Disney+ released a slew of original content perfect for quarantine binge-watching. That includes two Disneynature specials, one narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the other narrated by Star Wars and Thor actress Natalie Portman. 

The Disney Channel series Sonny With a Chance joined the steaming platform’s library on the same day. Still, some fans shared their excitement at seeing Onward, some of those for the very first time. The move even became a trending topic on Twitter, with Disney+ subscribers sharing their excitement at new releases. 

“PSA: Onward is now on Disney plus!!! Saw it in theaters and it’s the cutest movies especially if you’re missing your siblings and family right now,” one Twitter user wrote.

Disney and Pixar’s Onward is available for streaming on Disney+. To learn more about Disney’s subscription service, visit their website