Live-Action Disney Plus Remake ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Promises Real Pups and More in New Trailer

By now you might have heard of this weekend’s ruling event, Disney’s D23, and all of its announcements, confirmations, and sneak peeks. So far, the epic expo has been full of surprises, costumes, legends, and adorable moments like an appearance from the dogs of Lady and the Tramp.

We’re not sure if a cuter couple has ever made an appearance on the red carpet, but the two rescue dogs who play the titular duo had everyone cooing over their charm. When Disney+ rolls out on November 12, viewers will be treated to real pups in the Lady and the Tramp live-action remake. Disney unveiled the first trailer for the classic film at D23, and this do-over looks pretty legit.

'Lady and the Tramp'
Scene from Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’ remake. | Walt Disney Company

Who’s playing Lady and Tramp in the movie

To bring these two characters into Disney’s digital live-action world, it takes two sets of actors. In the role of Tramp, we have Monte, a rescue pooch who was originally found at a kill shelter New Mexico but was later sent to a rescue organization in Phoenix, Arizona. According to HuffPost, the cutie is a terrier mix who was adopted by the film’s animal trainer and wound up landing the role of Tramp, for whom he’s a dead ringer. Tramp, the kind and cool stray, is being voiced by Justin Theroux.

Lady is being played by a cocker spaniel named Rose and voiced by Marvel regular Tessa Thompson. The fan-run D23 site shared that the entire cast of Lady and the Tramp consists of rescue dogs who were all adopted by the time the film wrapped.

Other stars in the retelling of ‘Lady in the Tramp’ and a little bit of CGI

Unlike The Lion King, this film won’t rely on CGI effects to brings its original animated characters into 2019. Per The Wrap, fans will notice that a smidgeon of CGI is used to help with the doggies’ facial expressions, but real dogs are running this show.

Sam Elliott voices Trusty the bloodhound in the film, and Ashley Jensen takes on Jock, Lady’s Scottish Terrier friend. Singer Janelle Monáe is using her talents to voice Peg, and Benedict Wong fills out the main canine cast as the bulldog, Bull.

As for the humans, Kiersey Clemons play Darling Dear, Thomas Mann is Jim Dear, and Drake and Josh’s Yvette Nicole Brown plays Jim’s aunt Sarah.

Controversy around ‘The Siamese Cat Song’ will be corrected

Like many of Disney’s older animated films, Lady and the Tramp was created during a time when America wasn’t progressive in terms of race, sexual orientation, or feminism. With that being the case, one of the 1955 film’s songs, “The Siamese Cat Song” will be replaced with something new.

Singer-songwriter Janelle Monáe’s role as Peg—who was originally voiced by Peggy Lee—will have her belting out an original tune instead of the problematic Siamese cat song. She’ll also be singing an updated take on “He’s a Tramp,” which we imagine will be a hit. Entertainment Weekly reported that Monáe and the team at her Wondaland company are heavily involved with the soundtrack and musical direction for the new film.

While many fans are experiencing remake fatigue to due Disney’s nonstop live-action releases, this one could be worth the watch because it features real dogs. These types of movies always go over well with the kids and with Disney+, Lady and the Tramp could be end up being on repeat on the platform.