Disney Plus’ ‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 1 Recap

The wait is finally over. Disney Plus premiered Star Wars’ first live-action series, entitled The Mandalorian. Who is the Mandalorian? What does it do, exactly? Here’s what you might’ve missed in the first episode of the exclusive television show.

This article contains major spoilers from the Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian!

The Mandalorian works as a bounty hunter

What do you get when the Mandalorian walks into a bar? A bit of a mess. The character enters a bar where a couple of thugs are threatening a man. The Mandalorian, wearing his helmet and cape, enters and causes one of the thugs to spill his drink. The groups fight and the Mandalorian easily wins. Turns out, the guy they were threatening is a wanted man, and our protagonists takes him, in handcuffs, out of the bar.

The two travel to the Mandalorian’s ship and after a brief, but dangerous, encounter with some sea creature, they escape. Of course, the captured man has all kinds of questions. How much are they paying him? Is it true that Mandalorians never take their helmets off? Oh, and he has the use the vacc tube. The Mandalorian says nothing.

The captive guy heads downstairs but instead of using the bathroom, he goes exploring. (Bad idea.) First, he finds the Mandorian’s collection of weapons. Then, he finds a collection of wanted criminals frozen in carbonite. The Mandalorian suddenly appears and freezes the man in carbonite.

Executive producer/writers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau of 'The Mandalorian'
Executive producer/writers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The Mandalorian gets a new assignment and gets paid pretty well for it, too

The Mandalorian takes his latest capture, along with the other wanted characters frozen in carbonite, to the representative from “The Guild.” The Mandalorian asks for another assignment, but they barely pay anything. There is one job, however, with a huge payoff. Unfortunately, there’s no puck with information about the wanted person. He has to talk to someone else for a lead. And he does.

The bounty hunter goes to find the buyer and comes helmet to helmet with stormtroopers, which is a little disarming. He sees the buyer sitting at a table and another character with glasses shuffles in, who explains he’s a doctor. They all sit down and the buyer offers him “beskar,” which viewers learn once belonged to the Mandalorians. This, of course, is just a down payment. He’ll get more once he captures the person. “Alive,” the doctor chimes in. The buyer shrugs it off and says it’s okay if he’s dead, he’ll just get a lower fee.

The Mandalorian asks for the puck, but, for the sake of discretion, there is none. What the buyer can offer him a tracker and the person’s age. The Mandalorian is looking for someone who is 50-years-old. He takes the job and heads to see another character with a similar helmet to his.

He hands the reward from his last capture to her, in addition to the beskar. She reassures him that the beskar will be used to build armor and the rest will help sponsor many Foundlings. That’s good, the Mandalorian responds. He was once a Foundling. Then, we get a brief look into one of his childhood memories, filled with destruction. The woman places the new piece of armor onto the Mandalorian and he heads out on his assignment.

The Mandalorian goes to find the 50-year-old

The character then heads to a new planet in search of his latest wanted person. He’s attacked by a weird, fish looking animal and saved by a man riding a similar animal. The man says asks if he’s a bounty hunter. The Mandalorian says yes and then the man says he will help him. The two head off for his home and he explains that if he is going to get to this person, he needs to ride a blurrg. At first, the Mandalorian is impatient and he keeps getting thrown off.

Then, something changes. For the first time, we see a side of this character that’s new and even warm. He’s calm with the animal and eventually, it relaxes enough for him to ride it. The guide is fairly impressed and leads him to the quarry. The Mandalorian tries to pay him but the man refuses. He explains that he’s never met a Mandalorian but, hopefully, he can get rid of these outsiders and bring peace.

Before heading down to this camp, the Mandalorian assesses the situation. There’s a handful of guards and there’s also a “bounty droid,” which is on a similar assignment. They end up working together to get past all the guards and closer to the wanted person. It’s only then that viewers see who is this wanted person: a baby of the same species as Yoda.

The droid doesn’t care that its a baby, saying that its instructions were very specific: to bring the subject back dead. Again, we see this softer side of our protagonist. The Mandalorian kills the droid just as it’s about to shoot the baby. The last thing viewers see is the Mandalorian reaching out with his finger and the baby reaching up towards him.

Episodes of The Mandalorian are available for streaming on Disney Plus.