Disturbing ‘Game of Thrones’ Secrets Every Die-Hard Fan Should Know

Games of Thrones relies on a lot of tricks in order to come out with its crazy scenes. After all, the show notably has had so many death scenes and they had to get creative to depict those gruesome killings. But the most disturbing trivia behind the show doesn’t just revolve around death.

Actors have since talked about weird things they had worn for the show that will probably make you look at their cool costumes a little differently (pages 4 and 8). Also, one of the show’s biggest stars had a pretty crazy prank done to him (page 6). Those are just some of the show’s craziest secrets.

Here are 10 disturbing Game of Thrones secrets every die-hard fan should know.

1. Emilia Clarke got stuck to a toilet while covered in fake blood

Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Even with a fake heart, this sounds gross. | HBO

Daenerys Targaryen had the memorable scene where she ate a horse’s heart. That involved her being covered in a lot of blood that led to something strange afterward.

It was kind of like a gummy bear,” Emilia Clarke told Jimmy Kimmel. “But covered in fake blood that tasted sort of like bleach, which was gross.” She then continued, “Then there was a moment when we were filming it that I disappeared, and I was stuck to the toilet.”

That wasn’t the only gross part of doing the scene. Clarke revealed she ate about 28 hearts to get it right. “They made the heart out of solidified jam but it tasted like bleach and raw pasta,” she told The Mirror. “Fortunately, they gave me a spit bucket because I was vomiting in it quite often.”

Next: This actor really skinned an animal.

2. Charles Dance actually skinned an animal

Tywin Lannister

This is some serious commitment to your character.| HBO

Tywin Lannister gave a speech to Jaime while skinning a stag. Well, that wasn’t a prop — Charles Dance really was skinning an animal. He told The Daily Beast:

So, this butcher arrived with a dead animal and they gave me a little room to work in, gave me a sharp knife, and showed me how to skin it and spill the guts into a bucket. The next day, they gave me another dead animal, and we shot it. It was a bloody good time, but it took me two days to get the smell off my hands.

Next: This death scene avoided showing this because it was too much.

3. Ramsay Bolton’s face was cut from death scene because it was too gruesome

Ramsay Bolton, wearing a brown leather vest, and smiling menacingly off to the left of the frame

We may hate him, but we still don’t want to see his face all chewed up. | HBO

The cruel ruler finally met his end by getting eaten by his own dogs. The death scene is already pretty hard to watch but it originally showed Ramsay’s chewed-up face with the help of CGI.

This didn’t make the final cut because producers found it too gruesome.

Next: This is what the Night’s Watch furs are made of.

4. The Night’s Watch furs are IKEA rugs

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

It’s pretty inexpensive to dress up as Jon Snow. | HBO

This basically means you can just go to your bathroom to make your very own Night’s Watch costume. The rugs are turned into furs through a special technique.

We cut and then we shaved them and then we added strong leather straps,” revealed costume designer Michele Clapton.

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5. The most expensive death scene was Ser Meryn Trant’s death

Arya Stark kills Ser Meryn Trant

No real eye-gouging here. | HBO

The show has some flashy deaths but the most expensive one by the end of Season 7 was when Arya gouges out Ser Meryn Trant’s eyes and then slit his throat.

When asked why it was so expensive, David Benioff answered, “She couldn’t really poke out his eyes.”

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6. Peter Dinklage was told the show had been canceled

Tyrion Lannister

The creators played a joke on Dinklage. | HBO

The HBO show is such a rating giant that it seems impossible for it to be canceled. But Peter Dinklage thought it was because David Benioff called him saying it wasn’t getting picked up. It took him six hours to find out the show was going to air.

Next: Sean Bean did this with Ned Stark’s decapitated head.

7. Sean Bean kicked Ned Stark’s decapitated head around

Ned Stark with his head down, about to get beheaded by a giant sword

He played with a pretend head that looked a lot like his own. | HBO

Ned Stark’s decapitated head was a big part of the show’s return for Season 2. But before that, Sean Bean admitted to treating the morbid prop like a ball.

“It was a bit strange, yeah, a bit creepy. We just kicked it around like a football!” he wrote on Reddit.

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8. The costumes are aged two weeks on purpose

Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones

Jaime’s not supposed to look clean here. | HBO

All the characters who aren’t royals don’t exactly look clean, and that’s by design.

You spend two weeks breaking down, patching, dying, repatching,” explained costume designer Michele Clapton to the Hollywood Reporter. “Then you trash it, age it, then trash it again and repair. You can’t just stick a couple of patches on it and spray it with dirt because that is exactly what it will look like on HD televisions.”

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9. The sound of Joffrey choking isn’t from Jack Gleeson

King Joffrey at his wedding with his arm up to his throat choking

He doesn’t sound that much like an infant. | HBO

Jack Gleeson did do some sounds for the shocking death scene, but it didn’t make the cut.

“Once he starts choking it’s not really Joffrey you hear for the most part, even though we recorded the actor doing it,” sound editor Tim Kimmel told Vanity Fair. “It didn’t sell for us, so we were going into the library and doing our own recordings. There’s a recording .. it’s a woman impersonating a choking baby.”

Next: A cow skill was used for this scene.

10. A cow skull was used for a beheading scene

Ned Stark

Heads will roll if he doesn’t get his way. | HBO

When Ned Stark beheads someone, they got the right sound effect in a disturbing way. “We have an actual cow skull, and the bottom side of that cow skull has so many different bone textures on it that you can get a pine cone in there and just kind of twist it and grind it,” said Jeffrey Wilhoit, according to Vanity Fair.

He added,“It just adds this really nasty, awesome, complex, crunchy sound—you need that bone sound, that snappy little whoosh.”

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