Which ‘Double Shot at Love’ Ladies Will Star In MTV’s New Docuseries ‘DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Vegas Pool Party?’

Following the incredible success of DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino’s Double Shot at Love dating show, Viacom greenlit another reality television series for the Jersey Shore duo.

The docuseries will have the same producer and production company which has been at the reigns of every Jersey Shore spin-off including The Pauly D Project, Snooki & JWoww, and Double Shot at Love, SallyAnn Salsano and 495 Productions.

What is Pauly D and Guadagnino’s new series about and who will star in it?

DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino
Pauly D and Vinny | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What is DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino’s new show about?

The Jersey Shore duo starred in the newest revival of Double Shot at Love where they searched for love among 20 beautiful women. Pauly D didn’t choose any of the women, and while Vinny Guadagnino selected Alysse Joyner, the couple didn’t even last to the reunion.

Guadagnino claimed he was protecting the integrity of the show by ghosting Joyner because he didn’t want to spoil the finale. However, a few other castmates revealed he was DM-ing other women and seeing an ex-girlfriend on the side.

Therefore, the two have presumably given up on love and are focused on “working hard but playing harder” in Las Vegas. Currently, Pauly D and Guadagnino are filming a new MTV docuseries which will revolve around them as they tackle work-life balance in Vegas.

Pauly D will continue his wildly successful residency as Guadagnino performs with his Chippendale crew and they will invite some friends to the Sin City to help them jumpstart a career of their own.

Which ‘Double Shot at Love’ ladies will star in ‘DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Vegas Pool Party?’

Maria Elizondo

Even though viewers were screaming at their television screens for Guadagnino to choose Elizondo, their awkwardness proved too much for him, and he sent her home right before the finale.

The decision turned out to be her second onscreen heartbreak as her perfect match in her original show, AYTO? Season 7, had a girlfriend back home. Already at 265,000 Instagram followers and a host for Univision 41, she’s an excellent choice for the show.

Derynn Paige

Also known as “The Cat Lady,” Paige won Pauly D over with her intelligence. He also seemed to connect with her father and genuinely liked Paige, and she made it to his Final Two.

However, Pauly D realized that another contestant consumed most of his time, and he didn’t get to know Paige enough to choose her at the end. Even though she slept with a plant in the first episode, the Double Shot at Love contestant is exceptionally likable, and her personality translates through the screen.

Nikki Hall

After proclaiming her love for Pauly D to his Jersey Shore costars, she proved herself to be “too intense.” Pauly D also selected her as one of his top two; however, he saw too many red flags with her and couldn’t go through it.

The two got into an epic argument during the reunion because Hall claimed Pauly D was reciprocating her “intense” feelings even though he ended up blocking her number. Hopefully, the two have reconciled, or it could make for some more drama in the show.

Marissa Lucchese

Even after taking the bold move and kissing Pauly D during their roller skating date, ultimately Pauly D only saw her as a friend and had to send her packing. However, she made several friends in the house and already has pictures of her partying with Pauly D for July 4 on her Instagram.

Suzi Baidya

The self-proclaimed “blast in a glass” lit up the house with her personality and laugh, but the guys decided she was more of a fun girl to party with instead of someone who wanted to settle down.

Therefore, she makes the perfect candidate for the show and could build a legitimate career in Las Vegas, as her personality should fit right in.

Brittany “B-Lashes” Schwartz

Like several of the others, Pauly D and Vinny sent B-Lashes home because they felt she was more like family than a girlfriend. With a signature name and bop, B-Lashes has already branded herself and is ready to take off.

Who else will star in DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino’s new show?

The Challenge star Marie Roda’s cousin, Antonio Locke, DJ Brandon Stakemann, entrepreneur Nicky Curd, and Mario Bucceri will also appear in the new docuseries. DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Vegas Pool Party is slated for a 2020 launch.