Do ‘Dance Moms’ Sisters Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler Actually Get Along?

When it comes to infamous reality TV shows known for the drama, Dance Moms is certainly one of them. The series followed dance instructor Abby Lee Miller as she brought young dancing hopefuls under her wing and taught them to be the best they could possibly be. While certain kids seemed to break under the pressure of Miller’s dance studio, there are a handful of girls she taught who’ve proven they have what it takes to be stars — and Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler are two of them.

We know Maddie best for her ongoing work with Sia, and Mackenzie is making a name for herself through both dance and music, too. But how do the siblings really feel about each other, and is there a possible rivalry? Here’s what we know.

Mackenzie recalls how she was compared to Maddie when she started on Dance Moms

Even for those who aren’t avid watchers of Dance Moms, many have heard of Maddie Ziegler through her work with Sia. Maddie left Dance Moms to pursue other avenues with the singer, go on tour, and star in Sia’s music videos — and this has proven to be ultra-successful for the young star. And while many know of her sister, Mackenzie, it seems the younger Ziegler has felt overshadowed by Maddie’s success at times.

Newshub reminds us Mackenzie came into her own when on Dance Moms, but one of the few reasons she even joined the show was because Maddie was participating first. And Mackenzie didn’t necessarily feel as comfortable on the dance floor as her sister. “I didn’t really like it when I was younger because I was getting compared to Maddie,” she said. “I really just wanted to have fun and hang out with my friends, but now I obviously love it so much.” The sisters also mentioned that when on the show, they used to fight every single day because they “never got a break from each other.”

Maddie and Mackenzie missed being around other kids, too

Not only were Maddie and Mackenzie with each other every day for Dance Moms, but according to Today in 2016, the girls had been homeschooled since 2013. As Maddie explained, pursuing their dreams meant both she and Mackenzie missed a lot of school days. “We missed, like, 50 days of school one year. But it was all worth it,” the older Ziegler said.

Being homeschooled together meant even more sister time, however, and as Mackenzie said, “It sometimes gets annoying, obviously, because I’m with my sister…(and) we don’t have any friends there.” Now that they’re a bit older and their careers have taken off, the two live on opposite coasts for their various pursuits. And though they may have found all the time together annoying when they were younger, it’s clear they miss each other now. As Maddie said, “(Mackenzie) will be in Pittsburgh and I’ll be in LA, and she’s like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’ll send her a video of me in the car singing her songs.”

Overall, they seem to stay super close, no matter where they are

While there may have been some sibling rivalry when they were younger, there are certainly no hard feelings between Maddie and Mackenzie now. During a Q&A with fans on YouTube, Maddie even added that she envies her sister’s look — and she also said, “I love her to death,” Life & Style reports. Fans seem to be jealous of their relationship, too. As one fan commented, “You two have the best relationship, never give it up!”

To prove just how close they are, the sisters have even toured together. On their website, they announced their UK tour was a huge success, and there’s no doubt the two will be working together on more events in the future. Perhaps Maddie will even guest star in Mackenzie’s future music videos — we’ll have to wait and see.

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