Do Fans Believe R. Kelly’s Girlfriend, Azriel Clary, Is Telling the Truth About His Alleged Sex Crimes?

R. Kelly’s live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary, may have just revealed she’s also a victim of his alleged sexual abuse.

In a new Instagram Live video, the 22-year-old can be heard making shocking claims about the singer’s other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, before turning the tables on Kelly.

R.Kelly's girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary
R. Kelly’s girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary| Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Now that Clary has let her voice be heard, fans have been sharing their thoughts on social media and some admit they’re not really sure if they believe her claims.

Clary puts Kelly on blast when confronting Savage

Instead of standing together as a united front, Kelly’s live-in girlfriends have come to blows with one another and things got pretty intense.

On January 8, Clary, who has been living with the disgraced singer since 2015, revealed a shocking revelation about her relationship with Kelly and Savage.

When she first hopped on Instagram Live, Clary appeared to be gathering her belongings to move out of the apartment she once shared with Savage.

After a few seconds of rummaging through her things, Clary shows Savage walking into the room and it wasn’t long before the two women start going off on each other.

It remains unclear why the two got into a heating discussion, but after exchanging a few words, Clary dropped a huge bombshell no one was expecting to hear.

The 22-year-old alleged that she and Kelly engaged in sexual relations together, with Savage, when she was a minor.

After making this claim, Clary and Savage continued to engage in a verbal altercation before things quickly esculated.

Although their physical squabble wasn’t captured on camera, Clary can be heard in the video saying that she was pressing charges against Savage over the alleged altercation.

Clary also stated that Savage would be catching a charge for sleeping with a minor, who she says was her.

“You slept with a minor, and that minor was me,” Clary proclaimed.

After being separated by police, Clary went back to gathering her things as she continued to speak her mind.

She then told those watching the live stream that Savage would be facing the same charges as Kelly, who she says has been “lying” to everyone.

“Rob has been lying to all of ya’ll. He’s been lying to all ya’ll a**es and has people like me lying for him,” Clary shared. “And that’s why we never watched the documentary.”

Clary and Savage first made headlines earlier this year for their polyamorous relationship with the “I Believe I Can Fly” crooner.

After Kelly promised to help both of them pursue careers in music when they were teenagers, Clary and Savage began living with him full-time and continued residing in his luxe Chicago condo following his arrest.

Kelly claims this altercation was “staged”

Shortly after Savage and Clary’s alleged cat fight, Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, told TMZ that the singer is not worried about his girlfriend’s claims of underaged sexual contact.

“I have a statement written by Azriel that she provided to me, voluntarily, after Robert was already in jail, that said she never had sex with him when she was under aged,” Greenberg said.

He then went on to reveal that the singer believes the fight was just an act to get people talking.

Greenberg continued, “As far as this little cat fight, it is clear that it was staged to try and boost social media popularity.”

Though no one knows if this fight was actually staged or not, it coincidentally fell on Kelly’s 53rd birthday and one week after the premiere of Lifetime’s Surviving R.Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has strongly denied all allegations against him.

Fans now want to know the truth

After Savage and Clary’s alleged altercation made headlines, fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the situation.

While many are applauding Clary for finally standing up for herself, others are having a hard time believing her claims.

Some people are a little suspicious of the fact that the 22-year-old waited this long to speak her truth and believe that she’s only coming forward because she’s in need of money.

“The money hath runneth dry. And now they turn…on each other,” one fan commented under The Shade Room’s post.

“Looks fake to me,” someone else wrote.

As the comments continue to trickle in, others reveal that had an inkling Savage and Clary would one day come forward.

“I don’t think this is staged at all. I don’t think she would say something so incriminating knowing she was on line and the world would see it. She probably just reached a breaking point,” another fan commented.

Whether or not this fight was staged, the truth about R. Kelly continues to come out and it’s only a matter of time before we know about ALL of his wrongdoings.