Do Fans Finally Believe Teddi Mellencamp From ‘RHOBH?’

As the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills doggy drama drags on, fans continue to post their opinions about who they think is really at fault. Even though the drama is rooted between Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp is caught in the middle and taking a lot of heat.

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, RHOBH cast member, Kyle Richards likened the caper to a mystery. “When did this become a mystery show,” Richards asked after trying to explain the timeline of gossip.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave |Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Richards said all the text messages have not been revealed. But the audience poll still was on Vanderpump’s side. Mellencamp live-tweeted and posted more text messages on Twitter during the episode. Did her tweets and new blog post clear everything up for fans?

She lays out a timeline in her blog

Her blog reads more like a math problem from A Beautiful Mind. Mellencamp tries to show, step by step, how the exchange went down. She posts her texts, videos, explanations…it gets very complex.

Mellencamp even addresses that fans may have dog fatigue too. “I know some fans are confused, upset, or tired of this dog mess,” she wrote. “I do apologize for my part in all of it.” Mellencamp admits she should have come clean right away, but told Richards everything and showed her the texts in the Bahamas. “I should’ve shared all of the information up front. I did not, I regret that, and I apologize.”

 Then Mellencamp reviews the text messages she shared on Twitter. Plus she pokes holes in Vanderpump’s story. She recount’s Vanderpump’s blog about how she insists the day Mellencamp and Richards met at Vanderpump Dogs it was for grooming and to take Instagram pictures. “But in a recent interview, John Sessa says LVP texted him to ‘shut this down’ 15 minutes before filming,” Mellencamp wrote. “Shut what down? If there wasn’t a plan, what would need to be shut down?”

She also posted more on Twitter

Although Richards insisted the entire story has yet to be revealed, most fans are still backing Vanderpump. And slamming Mellencamp on Twitter. During the episode, Mellencamp posted more text messages and explanations.

In the first tweet, Mellencamp wrote, “Blizzard says he owns that he “put words” in LVP’s mouth but then why just last week were they both insinuating that I was misrepresenting the text messages?” The text message from John Blizzard from Vanderpump Dogs was a retweet from Vanderpump about coming clean.

Next, Mellencamp re-posted a text message she previously shared. She wrote, “Blizzard to LVP: ““Everyone was so frustrated this is being flipped onto you.” Huh. Not what he was texting me.”

A fan tweeted, “Yes LVP did know, she was there when John told u and Kyle about the dog. So what’s ur point? If LVP had something to say to Dorit about the dog she would she doesn’t need u to get her point across.” Mellencamp responded, “She told Dorit I knew BEFORE we filmed that day at Vanderpump Dogs.”

Do fans finally believe her?

A few fans sided with Mellencamp. She retweeted this comment from a fan. “Can people start seeing that @TeddiMellencamp is taking ownership of her behaviour. She is acknowledging she was involved and explaining her motivation. Lisa isn’t. The reason the other women have no tolerance for her is because they’ve seen this dozens of times before.”

But fan support was few and far between. For the most part, fans are still lashing out at Mellencamp, especially when she tried to prove her case. In fact, one fan hurled this mean-spirited insult at her. “Trash!!! You are trash!!! You liar!!!!! Go away you piece of crap!!!!!” But for the most part, fans continued to insist that Mellencamp was lying. “Busted again…..Just give it up,” one fan wrote when responding to her text tweet.

At this point, Mellencamp appears to be staying strong and sticking to her convictions. She even has a good sense of humor about the situation. She posted a hilarious meme and wrote, “Walking into @erikajayne’s chapel like.”

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