Do Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Even Want Another Spin-Off?

While on the air, The Big Bang Theory was one of the most-watched scripted sitcoms on television. Adding to CBS’ repertoire of high-performing shows – including NCIS, Blue Bloods, Big Brother, and more – The Big Bang Theory was yet another rankings hog for CBS. 

The Big Bang Theory
‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

From Jim Parson’s Emmy-award-winning turn as Sheldon Cooper to far-reaching comedic scripts designed to please its widespread demographic, The Big Bang Theory managed to stay on the air for twelve successful seasons. Not to mention, the show – as most reports indicate – only ended due to Parsons’ desire to exit the series. Realistically, the show may have struggled to survive without Sheldon’s captivating lack of empathy and subpar social skills.

Though its ratings would lead many to believe that another spin-off, in addition to Young Sheldon, would be a surefire hit, fans may not even want one.

Based on fan discussions revolving around The Big Bang Theory, another spin-off may not be the network’s best move.  Before diving into fan responses to the possibility of a second spin-off – and what such a show would entail – we must first discuss the dissatisfaction many fans felt towards the latter seasons of The Big Bang Theory. 

Many fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ grew to resent the show as it progressed  

Initially, many fans felt that the humor in The Big Bang Theory was satisfying – commenting on geek culture in a way that was both humorous, yet not offensive or mocking. However, as the series went on, Big Bang Theory enthusiasts argue that the comedy grew lazy, resorting to jokes at the expense of its main characters, leading viewers to laugh at, instead of with them. One Reddit user stated:

“BBT makes nerd culture the butt of, not the subject of the jokes…”

Other Big Bang Theory viewers explain that the show fell into the same pitfalls many other comedies do, stating:

“BBT is a sitcom and falls into the same holes that almost every sitcom seems to fall into; it suffers from an incredible degree of repetitiveness and stagnation. Jokes circle back around on themselves constantly, and the characters rarely, if ever, grow in a meaningful way.”

From its repetitive nature to jokes aimed at the “lowest common denominator,” as one viewer argues, the show lost many of its devout followers over time. Thus, another spin-off, focusing on any of the main characters, may not be met with the same degree of enthusiasm that The Big Bang Theory received. 

Fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ respond to the idea of a spin-off 

In one online discussion, a fan of The Big Bang Theory raised the following question:

“Could a Stuart and Raj spinoff work focusing on Raj’s struggles in dating women and Stuart’s woes with his dating life and his comic book shop[?]”

Many fans took this as an opportunity to discuss the pitfalls of any spin-off, no matter the subject material. Fans responded with the following comments:

“Spin-off idea: we spin them off of the Earth and into the blazing inferno that is the sun never to be heard from again.” 

Reddit User 

…There’s no way CBS/WB don’t try a spinoff with the original cast, but I can’t even think of one that might be remotely interesting…”

Reddit User 


Reddit User 

Knowing that all things related to The Big Bang Theory have a potential to succeed, will CBS ignore these fan opinions and plow on straight ahead? Or, will CBS let it die, aware that the memory of a good show is better than the memory of a weak follow-up?